Hello my friends!

And here is the first pic for this month! after a long time running the polls, Samus finally got her Bad-Ending, and I must say this was a very fun pic to work on! Actually, I think this is one of the pics I most successfully manage to get the final result very close to what I had in mind for the pic. Usually my initial idea get lost pretty quickly during the creation of the painting, and many times the final result, even when good, is very different from what I had in mind.

But with this pic it came pretty close, I wanted to pass on a hard contrast between Samus pale skin and the dark, bleak background. And I wanted her skin to have a soft glow, similar to the women in renaissance paintings. Also, I wanted her armor to look heavy, rough look, similar to Isaac Clarke from the Dead Space game.

I think I manage to get those points right, however there is a few thing I think could have been better. The background blends a bit with the main figures making a bit difficult to understand the silhouettes. And I think there could have been a bit more of movement to the scene, maybe some motion blur on some areas would pass on the action more clearly.

In any case, I’m very happy with the final piece and I hope you guys like it as well ^^