This was an amazingly fun pic to work! I don’t read a lot of Batman/Batgirl comics, but the Batman Animated Series is my favorite bat-thing! I use to watch it everyday when I was a kid and it was really cool to use the costumes of the show in this pic, ┬áthe only downside imo is Croc, I personally prefer the more reptile style of the Arkhan games, but overall this pic was a blast to draw! hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did ^^


Story by Greg Donovan

Sex Arcade: Batgirl

Batgirl struggled in Harley’s grip, fighting to break free. “Let . . . go of mmee youh . . . bichhhh,” Batgirl said, her words slurred by the arm around her throat and whatever chemical had been sprayed into her face.

The night had started out like normal. As normal as nights were for a girl who dressed up in a bat costume before going out and punching people in the face. She had met up with Bruce in his mancave – or Batcave as he liked to call it. But, really, who was he fooling?

“I have a task for you, Barbara,” Batman said. Batgirl raised an eyebrow at the use of her real name. Bruce only used that when he was going to ask her to do something especially difficult. Or dangerous. Bruce was dressed in his usual nightly attire of full cape and costume, with his face uncovered. He was standing before the Batcave’s computer, watching the scroll of information flash by on the huge bank of monitors in front of him. A camera feed from the Gotham dockyards was playing on one.

“A drug shipment is being smuggled into Gotham, tonight,” Batman said, looking at the monitors and manipulating the controls for the computer. “It will be arriving on the Libyan flagged cargo ship ‘Fool’s Errand’ sailing out of Belize. I need you to intercept that shipment, Barbara.”

“What kind of drug is it?” Batgirl asked.

“I haven’t been able to find out with certainty,” Batman said. “Whatever it is, it’s coming in a small package but is extremely valuable. Expect lots of security at the dockyards. You’ll be handling this one solo, Barbara. Dick and I will be busy elsewhere. Are you up to the task?”

“You know I am.”

Batman turned and studied her face. The light from the monitors left half his face in light and the other half in darkness.

“We shall see, Barbara. We shall see.”


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