Last week I showed you the first prototype for the Booth area, this week I will be showing the same area but with a more refined visual.
As you can see, the icons on the right side of the screen were changed to the actual objects in a table, also all the HUD elements were improved, and of course, the artwork itself is much more refined.

This area is not complete yet, there is still changes to be done as I had a few ideas that when implemented will change the positioning of some elements, but this image, together with the animation I did for the game cover, reflect the level of quality I want for both the game’s visual and animation.

Above the image you can see the first animation test I did for the game, this was made way before the animation for the cover, so it is much more rough and incomplete, I was still learning the animation program at the time so it doesn’t really reflect the quality you will find in the final game, but I thought it would be interesting to show how it all began ^^

And this is all the content I have to show for the game so far, from now on the core of the development updates will be made on the game’s patreon, but whenever I have some major update or when the game is complete, I will post it here as well.

Thanks for the attention and hope you like what you saw so far! ^^