This week’s update will be a bit different folks, Actually, it will be different for a few weeks. Instead of one pic each Saturday, I will be updating on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s, and instead of spending 40/60 hours in one single pic, I will be dividing this time between  2 to 4  pics with more varied themes (all still hentai/noncon), if you want to know more about why I’m doing this change, check out this post.

Now about these pics, First thing about it is: this is not a sure to be continued project, actually these are just “sample” pages  I did to “sell” the idea to my patrons, and now the option for  “new pages” will be in the polls, if it gets enough votes, I will start working more regularly on this comic, if not, I may still do it (I want to make a fallout hentai comic for a long time now), but it will be much more sporadically and irregularly as i will have to draw it in my spare time. In any case, I though the pages came up pretty ok so I though it would be nice to share it even if it don’t go forward to be a real comic.

hope you guys like these pics and this new format I will be working.

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