And here’s the 4 pic for this new series! it was a lot of fun, specially the Ganondorf and the background! its very cool to work on different settings and different characters like these. To be honest my initial idea would show a lot more of the background, but if I had gone with it, the actually sex would end up getting too little space in the image, so I had to sacrifice the background so we get a better look at Zelda ;D

One other thing is that I initially had thought of making Link having the Master Sword stabbed into him, as if he had been defeated with his own sword, but I end up scrapping the idea because it is a bit too grim, of course it would not be all gory or anything, actually it would be mostly just the silhouette, but even so I decided not to risk losing the sexiness of the image by putting something too dark in the scene. hope you guys like it! ^^

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