Hey there Folks!

So, with this pic I realize two things:

1 – I have a hard time keeping the pics simple xD

2 – I’m not exactly tired of working on complex pics.

You see, usually the SA pics take me about 50 hours to make, this one took me 30, my plan when I started these quicker style was to spend about 15 hours on each pic, but as I got to work on them I realize that I really don’t mind spending 50 hrs in just one pic as long as the pic itself is interesting, what I’m really tired is the SA setting. A scene like this have a lot of details on it, and they are fun to work with, the open air background, the sun lighting, the tribe with different clothing and style, the illustration itself tell a story and it is a lot of fun to draw it! I’m really enjoying this different themes and I hope you guys are liking it too ^^

Also, my patron and friend Hdctbpal made a excellent story to go with this pic, it gives the illustration much more depth and fits perfectly with it, check it out , its pretty good.

Cheers my Friends!



Story By: Hdctbpal

Lara in Trouble

The sun shone on the small village, filtering through the thick canopy of leaves high above. Normally, at this time of day, the village hummed with activity. The blacksmith would be casting spear tips and arrow heads; the woodworkers would be felling trees or making spear and arrow shafts; the hunters would be off gathering meat and useful plants. Children would play, often imitating their elders, or chasing each other between the huts and through the trees, taking turns at playing hunters and prey.

Today, though, was a special day. The children had been sent to a neighboring village, escorted by their mothers and grandmothers. The clearing in the center of the village was the site of a different activity, but the participants went about it with no less enjoyment than the children at their games.

All except one.


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