And again I failed hard on the keep-it-simple part haha xD this pic took me about 49 hours to make, which is the overall time I take to finish the SA pics! but it was a lot of fun so I don’t complain.
About the pic itself, it was really a lot of fun, again is very nice to work with open scenarios like this, and there is a lot of stuff going on in the scene too, 3 other slaves and 3 other clients, it creates a nice dynamic I think. And I also got to draw the sky! haha xD I can’t remember the last time I drew it in a nsfw pic, it is a nice change of pace. Hope you guys like the result! ^^
Oh! and one last thing, I will be away from home this weekend so there wont be an update on Saturday(1), the next update will be on Wednesday (5)
Once again, my patron and friend Hdctbpal made a excellent story to go with the pic, it is a short one but it works greatly to give the illustration some background, check it out bellow, its pretty good.

Cheers my Friends!


Story By: Hdctbpal

Red Sonja and the Slave Market

Sonja grunted as the man’s pelvis met hers, again and again, with a wet smacking sound that seemed to echo across the slave market, cutting through even the multilingual babble as human beings bought and sold other human beings.

The man grinned through his white beard at her as he neared his climax. Sonja wanted to scream out her pent-up rage and hatred at him, but any sound she made was muffled to a despairing moan by the thick piece of cloth that had been twisted and then pulled between her teeth and tied tightly behind her head, beneath her thick tresses of flaming red hair.

So she pointedly ignored his gaze, though she couldn’t ignore the feeling of his massive cock filling her again and again. Or the feel of his arms squeezing her left leg, which he had hoisted aloft so he could enjoy her in the ballerina position. Or the sweat that trickled down over the ridges of her abdominal muscles from the heat of the desert sun and from her own exertions as she struggled against her bonds and unwillingly tensed with each rough thrust into her. The body that had been honed into a weapon was now a mere plaything for the enjoyment of any man with enough coin.

She looked at the girl kneeling across the way from her. The girl had thick dark blonde hair, which had been shaved on one side to expose a scar that ran from her cheek to the top of her head but did not mar her beauty. Maybe it was a relic of the battle in which she had been captured. But she had no such fight in her now. Clearly, the man who had just enjoyed her mouth – and was now buying her – was not her first master. She hung her head, semen dripping from her mouth and nose. She was not wearing a ring gag, or any gag; Sonja could not understand how she had not bitten the man’s cock off. How could she just…give up like that? Scathach, she prayed silently, don’t let that happen to me.

But then, Scathach did not seem to be listening. The only reply Sonja got was a deep, guttural groan of pleasure from the man as he came inside her. Despite his age, he was certainly vigorous enough, at least in this; she could feel his cock pulsing inside her as it shot rope after rope of semen into her. She had seen him sampling some of the other girls on offer, but evidently none of them had brought him to climax. Now he sighed, hugging her left thigh to his chest as he savored the feel of her now sopping pussy. He caught the eye of the slave master and pointed to her. One of his retainers stepped forward and began counting out gold coins from his heavy purse.

It seemed Sonja’s first time with his cock was to be far from her last. She thought about the sensations that had rippled through her each time he thrust into her, and shuddered. Maybe it was that, and not pain, that had finally broken the blonde girl across from her, who was now being led away by her new owner, her head still bowed.

As Sonja was led away, she held her head high, ignoring the envious jokes and whistles that washed over her, and the warm semen that still trickled down the insides of her thighs.

But she could not help raising her face to the sky one last time, despite the painful brightness of the sun, and asking again why Scathach had forsaken her.





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