So, after that crowded Red Sonja pic I decided to go with a close shot for the Elsanna blowjob, I think it works well to have more variety of angles and styles. Also, to compensate a bit the lack of a more complex background (I wanted to add Olaf somewhere on it but I just didn’t had enough space for him xP) or a better look at the villain, I tried to work more on the liquids, tried to make it really messy! haha xD hope you like it folks!

Once again, my patron and friend Hdctbpal made a great story to go with the pic, it works perfectly to give the illustration background and establish the mood, check it out bellow, its awesome!.

Cheers my Friends!


Story By: Hdctbpal

Elsa and Anna Bad Ending

Anna was bewildered when Hans’ kiss failed to lift the curse her sister Elsa had inadvertently placed on her, dooming her to freeze from the inside out. With soothing words, Hans had her sequestered, for her own survival, in the blacksmith’s quarters adjoining the royal forge, where the constant sweltering heat kept the effect of the curse at bay. The wedding was hastily arranged and consummated, and Hans became the de facto ruler of Arendelle. He vowed he would never rest until his stricken Queen was freed from her fiery prison.

It was a simple matter to lure Elsa to the forge, where even her icy powers were nullified by the infernal heat. After her capture, Hans publicly pardoned the Queen’s treacherous sister and announced she would be allowed to live with Anna, which cemented his reputation as a just and generous ruler.

Outside the blacksmith’s quarters that had become the sisters’ prison, the furnaces – now tended by the usurper’s loyal thugs – roared day and night. Hans ordered the casting of thousands of swords and arrowheads to be used in his bloody war of vengeance against the Southern Isles. His brothers would pay for mistreating him, and his new subjects would have a new home to settle, far from the uninhabitable wasteland Arendelle was becoming.

Throughout the kingdom, the highborn and the peasantry alike talked of how their King doted on his Queen. Every day he visited her in the armory, often for hours at a time…


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