I know I say this a lot, but this pic was really a lot of fun to make xD Actually I’ve been wanting to draw something like this for a long while now,  my original idea for the pic was with an OC character (a waitress-bot-girl), the scenario was a closed dinner restaurant at night, and the guy was the owner of the restaurant, but the overall idea worked pretty well with Edi too ^^

Also, I tried some different stuff with this pic, maybe you will notice that the background stuff is a bit more detailed than usual, that’s because now I’m using 3D assets to build the scene, I’m mixing 3 programs to make it, Sketchup to create the forniture, Design Doll to build the pose, and Keyshot the set-up the lighting. I’m not sure if this format saves time, but even if it don’t, I think the final result end up more realistic, tho I still need to work it a bit more because I think the composition of values for this pic could have been a bit better.

Hope you like this illustrations my friend ^^


Story By: Hdctbpal

Story: Edi Bad Ending

General Oleg Petrovsky, King of Omega, leaned back in his plush leather chair and surveyed his domain. Holographic displays surrounded him in a colorful kaleidoscope.

“Nf6,” he said. One of the displays enlarged, obscuring those surrounding it. On it, a black knight moved on a chessboard. “Petrov’s Defense,” the VI said in an Oxford-accented female voice. The chessboard shrank back into its place as he awaited his opponent’s reply.

“Shipping,” he said next. Another display enlarged. This one gave a summary of cargo waiting to be onloaded or offloaded. He scanned each of the manifests quickly but alertly, looking for anything that didn’t feel right. A VI managed the logistics, and far more efficiently than a human could, but Petrovsky was more interested in security, and that wasn’t something you entrusted to either a VI or your subordinates. If Aria’s sympathizers smuggled anything in or out – guns, explosives, intel on Omega’s upgraded defenses – it would be Petrovsky’s head that rolled.

Speaking of head…