Once again, this pic was a lot of fun to work! many of you know that Powergirl is one of my favorite heroines! and so is Terra! and this pic has both! so much fun xD
The Idea of making a “comic cover” variant was a suggestion from one of the guys during the stream on picarto, I made a quick composition and surprisingly it works great! that was pure luck as I didn’t plan it from the begging ^^

hope you guys like how it turn out!

Story By: Hdctbpal

Powergirl: Anal Crisis

The sun glared through a filthy haze at an empty world. The wind howled through the creaking steel skeletons of gutted buildings and raised choking swirls of black dust. Dry leaves skittered across miles of cracked, blasted asphalt; the charred bare branches of trees clawed at the sky as if tearing down the empty heavens. Volcanoes belched yet more filth into the lowering eternal night; the continents cracked and slowly settled into the seas, which were poisonous red soups crusted over with debris. All that remained of the planet’s former inhabitants were radiation shadows on crumbling walls.

What Darkseid could not have, he destroyed. Those whom he could not destroy, he enslaved.

Free will, he knew, was an evil to be stamped out. It was the source of all conflict, all disorder, all waste. Once he rid the universe of it, there would be perfect order, perfect clarity, perfect unity. All flowing from his perfect will.

Free will did have one use, though – as punishment, once hope was extinguished.

Those who submitted to him willingly received the gift of having their wills sublimated into his. None of them were worthy, but he was a generous god. But for those who defied him, such blissful oblivion was too lenient. They would instead have the leisure to repent of their folly for eternity.

Darkseid sat on his throne of oak and granite in a clearing amid the endless ruins. Around him sprawled the semiconscious bodies of Atlee, Kara, Helena, Diana, and Karen. Set against him, they were no more formidable than the mortals he had already crushed, and so from now on they would answer only to mortal names.

He grinned at Kal-El, who slumped in his kryptonite chains. Kal-El had struggled furiously as he was forced to watch his comrades being defiled one by one, but in the end even he recognized the futility of resistance.

Atlee was first.