And here’s May’s bonus pic featuring Samantha Traynor starting her post-shift cleaning process! The first stage is the removing of the torn/cum-stained clothes, but there’s 6 stages total, they are:

0 – A hostess restrain the subject by the wrists and ankles to a treadmill.
1 – A hostess remove the torn and cum stained clothes.
2 – The subject pass through a warm water shower to remove the excess of cum/saliva etc.
3 – A hostess scrub the subject with a sponge glove for a more meticulous cleaning while a second hostess clean the subject’s hair with shampoo.
4 – The subject is dried with warm air blast.
5 – The subject is dressed with their leisure clothes and administered with a vitamin/antibiotics/contraceptive cocktail
6 – The subject is made unconscious and transported to her room in transportation pod.

This was a very fun pic, its nice to explore other parts of the arcade, And thats not all! we have a amazing story to go with this pic, it was writen by my friend Syrrea and you can check it bellow:

002: Offices, Level Four, 9/6/15

The Matron brushed a hand through her lime bob as she read an email sent by one of her subordinates. It was a status update indicating everything in her sector was in the green. Productivity and Client satisfaction were up. And another, same lack of incident. And another.

Brooke leaned into her right hand, gloved in one half of a pair of black latex gloves, whose brilliance was marked at the forearms by vibrant pink and orange rings. The coded colors matched her highly suggestive thong and form fitting halter top to which her bust provided ample cleavage. The steel walls of her office were stainless and bathed in the calming glow of a bird’s egg blue; a nakedness whose sole interruption was a placard in honor of years of service. No matter how many times she moved her desk and furniture, the floor shone as if it had never had feet set upon it.

So immaculate, so pristine.

“I’m going to kill them.”

Was it really so difficult to fill out a fucking one page form honestly? Did they think she was born yesterday? Were they too lazy to take their fingers out of their slits for a couple minutes?

Fucking Jury Summons had fewer boxes to fill out.

She returned to her inbox. 47 unread status report messages. She sighed. Her fist clenched as she tried to resist the urge to shove the monitor off her desk.

Generally she could handle the stress her position was imbued with, but being kept in the dark while several easily fixable issues fester… She vented her lungs as she allowed her body to relax. Her left hand reflexively reached for her smartphone: nothing new. It was almost three and she had received neither text nor call. She cocked an eyebrow as she sucked her teeth.

And she went back to reading the status updates, crossing her legs as she did so. Although her thigh high boots didn’t afford her the ability to flex her feet, she broke the monotony by swaying her dangling foot back and forth.

Her secretary’s chat window blinked.

Ms. Barrows is here to see you. Should I send her in?


Brooke stood up and walked around the left side of her desk in preparation for the door opening. The visage of the tall brunette clad in dark pantsuit that entered through it made her heart skip a beat. The woman had introduced herself and outstretched her hand before Brooke could register how shocked she was. Her hasty recovery made the woman furrow her brow, but they both sat in their respective places without verbally acknowledging the awkward exchange.

Brooke mentally collected herself as she settled into her chair, trying to focus her attention on the woman’s eyes, her rich, brown eyes.

“So, Maggie, you are certainly dressed to impress.”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Story by Syrrea!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –