Subject:  Symmetra
Occupation: Architech
Hourly Charge: $ 300.00
Acquisition Date: 09/10/2016
Acquisition Level: Medium

* * *

Story by Greg Donovan

Sex Arcade: Symmetra

The men panted, their skin coated with a thin sheen of sweat, as they continued their urgent thrusting into the agitated brown-skinned beauty pinned between them.

One of the men, his hair and beard a flaming red, held the woman’s dress out of the way as he pistoned his erection into her, after previously ripping away her panties. “Pa,” the red-haired man said between heavy breaths, “this is the best father-son bonding experience a guy could have.”

The red-haired man’s father, ‘Pa,’ was an almost mirror copy of his offspring, except for the increased number of lines on his face and the completely white color of his hair and beard. “Arkady, my boy, you sure done earned this. It is my pleasure paying for this little bacchanalia of ours, after you went and graduated yourself from medical school. Ain’t nothing like draining your balls into a child-bearing-behipped whore to unwind from four years of hard schooling.”

“Aw, shucks, Pa,” Arkady said, his cheeks reddening a little, “you are the best Pa a boy could ever hope for.”



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