Subject: Rikku
Occupation: Scavenger
Hourly Charge: $ 300,00
Acquisition Date: 12/10/2014
Acquisition Level: Easy

The heat of the world Spira might have been agreeable to the four operatives of the LDE squad, but waiting on-station under the blazing sun for hours drained them of their concentration and their water. Still, they had good Intel their target would be passing this particular strait on one of her people’s many salvage-ships.

They had stepped through the tear in reality from the Mass Quantic Gate on a very specific day, it being a week before the target would meet with a particular blonde boy, after which apprehending her would be drastically more complicated. It had also been decided to come to this specific point in time, as it was known that if the target went through the actual flow of time in this world and made it through the events the blonde boy would take her through, her popularity would drastically decrease among the clients that funded the LDE squad’s operations. It was better to capture her now when she was younger and more innocent, than capturing her after she became part of what was basically pop-group with two other girls.

So they had left Earth and entered Spira, infiltrated the local populace and retrieved credible information as to the target’s whereabouts. And after a few hours of waiting, the ship finally appeared in the squad’s optics.
“Prepare the line-launchers”, operative Alpha, the squad leader, ordered. The four top-trained female operatives waited until the ship passed close enough to their position, hidden underneath the camouflage-net on the little islet.

Four hooks leapt skyward at the leader’s command, wrapping around the ship’s railing, tugging on the line attached to each operative’s waist. The built-in motors of the line-launchers and the momentum of the ship quickly deposited the four soldiers on deck, where they hurriedly detached the lines, lifting their dart-rifles to secure the area.

There was nobody around on deck. Having studied the blueprints of this exact kind of vessel during their pre-mission planning, the operatives knew exactly where to go. Quickly and with practiced efficiency, the quad operatives scoured the decks. They encountered three of the target’s Al Bhed compatriots at three different locations, all of whom received a dart to the neck that would send them off to a peaceful sleep for the next four hours before they had time to voice their surprise and alarm.

Stacking up on the corner of a corridor leading to the bridge, the operatives were ready to storm the bridge when a door on the opposite end of the corridor opened, and the target stepped through the door, nose down as she read some sort of data-slate.

Everything matched with the target data. It was a young girl, blonde, spiralling eyes of green, fair of complexion and 1,58 meters tall. The operatives were well aware that, despite the young girl’s innocent appearance, she was a feisty fighter, relying on hand-to-hand techniques – her arms augmented with nasty spiked weapons when she fought – and was somewhat of an expert in mixing and utilizing different items to either hurt her enemies or aid herself and her companions. Rikku the Al Bhed lifted her gaze, confusion spreading across her young features when looking at the four white-clad women, holding what looked like some kind of machina in their hands. Knowing it was best to neutralize the target before she decided to attack the intruders or sound the alarm, operative Bravo, being in front, took aim and fired. The dart silently closed the short distance, hitting the target’s neck and deposited the potent tranquilizer into her bloodstream, sending her crashing to the floor like a sack of potatoes, the data-slate clattering along the floor.

With Alpha and Bravo covering the door to the bridge and the door they had come from, operatives Charlie and Delta hurried towards the target, hogtieing her with rope with drilled efficiency. Operative Delta, being the strongest and largest of the soldiers, picked up and carried the unconscious target in a fireman’s lift while the other three lead their exfiltration to the main deck. Once there, they hijacked a lifeboat and set off back to the Mass Quantic Gate, through which they would return to Earth with the Sex-Arcade’s newest addition.

As the squad returned through the scientific marvel that was the Mass Quantic Gate, the target, now the “subject” upon her capture, awoke, and the initial fear and confusion led to panic, however there was nothing she could do being tied up. Her shouting was became annoying rapidly, earning the subject a fat ball-gag secured tightly around her head before the squad put her helpless form down in a room where other employees would be collecting her shortly, while the operators debriefed after yet another successful operation.

Within minutes of the LDE squad’s departure, three employees of the Sex-Arcade’s security detail showed up, taking hold of the bound blonde and hurried her off for processing. First, the subject Rikku was strung up in what essentially was a high-tech shower room with her hands over her head and her legs spread. Here one security employee kept watch as three young girls clad only in skimpy, tight swim shorts began washing the subject thoroughly. The subject was scrubbed from tip to toe with a variety of soaps and decontaminants, both outside and inside her orifices.While the subject underwent her scrubbing, the clothes she had worn upon capture was delivered the Sex-Arcade’s factory, where they were measured and logged. Given that the Arcade’s clientele would expect this subject to be presented the way they remember her, a steady flow of replaceable clothing would be needed to replace clothing that would inevitably be torn and stained beyond repair and wash.

The subject was struggling in her bonds while the skilful hands of three other girls cleaned her inside and out, her gagged protests mere entertainment to the Sex-Arcade’s workers while they did the jobs they could not believe they were paid to do.
Next, the subject was clad in her original attire – the clothes themselves had, after the cataloguing, also been decontaminated and sterilized to ensure no client would be exposed to foreign contaminants – and hurried off to cataloguing by one of the many Managers. Led to an office by the same security employees that had brought her to the cleaning-room, the subject Rikku was tied to a special pole with her arms straight down her sides, her back straight and her feet planted flat on the floor. This let the Manager get the subject’s exact height, and what followed was a lengthy session where every bit of the subject was written down – down to every potential small mole and its position on her body – and a blood sample was also extracted.
Like in the shower, the subject tried resisting during her cataloguing, but was not successful in moving even an inch. While it was immediately clear to the Manager that the subject Rikku was nowhere near the most volatile subject to be brought to their underground facility, she still was actively trying to fight her way free, so there was no reason to go easy on the restraints.

To Rikku, things had been a blur. She remembered being on her brother’s Al Bhed salvage ship, going to what they suspected was an ancient machina submerged beneath the ocean, when she had come face to face with white-hooded people – she thought they were women, but all the weird things and machinas they wore on top of their clothes made it hard to be sure of their gender – which was where her memory started to decline.
She was smart, but did not have to be to realize she had been kidnapped. She had woken in a weird-smelling room filled with enormous and strange machina she had never seen before. Trying to stand up she realized she was bound, and after a short, panicked outcry her captors had shoved some kind of rubber ball in her mouth that didn’t silence her completely, but it did prevent her from speaking, and it made her drool profoundly.
Nervous, afraid and unable to free herself from her bonds, she could do nothing as she was abruptly dragged to a new room by three muscular women who carried what looked like machina-guns. These women had stripped her to the bare skin and hung her up by her hands like some sort of animal ready to be skinned, and then she had frightfully endured three younger girls running their hands and naked skin against her own body, their little fingers washing her all over and even probing her holes. Struggling in her bonds remained useless, and the three girls had even stuck their slick, wiggling fingers inside of her.
She had no idea what these strange people wanted with her, and while escaping was first in her mind, currently she was unable to do anything, and that scared her. At her next stop, a woman even stole some of her blood!
They were all such big meanies!

Once every scrap of useful information had been noted on the subject Rikku, she was to start her first shift – a total of twelve hours – in her assigned booth catering to the clients that were willing to pay five times the actual hourly rate in order to get the blonde first. The subject was administered a mild sedative to knock her out cold for a few minutes to give the employees time to put her into her assigned transportation capsule, a confined pod used to ferry subjects between their booths and their quarters.
The capsules themselves were designed to keep the subject unconscious once they stepped into it, however, as with any new subjects it was best not to take any chances.
Enclosed in the capsule, the subject Rikku was taken to her assigned workspace.

Haven taken a poll among the Arcade’s clients particularly interested in this subject, it was revealed that the most common fantasy was fucking her innocent-looking face, and as such the subject Rikku was restrained in a fitting pose, the ball-gag switched for a ring-gag. Once she was securely restrained and ready to start her first ever shift as a new sex-slave for the world’s one and only Sex-Arcade, the booth’s assigned hostess held a small cylinder under the subject’s nose, the classified contents filling the subject’s lungs and snapping her back to consciousness. “There you go!” the hostess smiled, tucking away the “waking stick”.
Rikku’s breath increased, the violent awakening and her odd restrained position rekindling the panic she had felt earlier. She was in a small chamber, weird machina and what looked like perverted toys surrounding her, and a lithe, fit girl clad in but a white top, panties and stockings smiling down at her. A wide leather ring forced her mouth open, stale in taste, and made drool escape her lips like a slow-flowing river.
“Ready to get to work, sweetie? Lots of people have showed up to get their first taste of you!” Rikku’s sense of foreboding only increased, and despite her trepidations, her young mind had no idea what she was in for.

What was in the Sex-Arcade known as the debut – the first twelve hour shift of a new girl – was, naturally, hard for Rikku. Her sense of bewilderment soon gave way to shock and fright when a strange man entered the little cubicle she was restrained in, and proceeded to shove his erect cock in her forcibly open mouth. He grabbed her head and started bucking his hips, thrusting his cock deep in her throat, making the young girl gag, cough and well up. It did not take long for the young blonde to panic, but as she were, there was nothing she could do about the stranger fucking her face. After a while, when the man had pleasured himself several times over to her gaping mouth, Rikku thought she was done when one of the scantly white-dressed girls came and cleaned the man’s cum off of her, but then another man entered and proceeded to do exactly the same as the last one.
Then it hit Rikku like a crashing airship; she was a sex-slave now, just a toy for the amusement of others. Man after man came to her, her gagged pleas and tears to no use. Some kept their cocks so long down her throat that the eyes rolled back in her head and nearly made her pass out, but there was no stopping them. Some of these men also put the strange machina in the room to use, the most popular item being some kind of wand with a soft bulbous head that would vibrate that they secured against the Al Bhed’s womanhood while they fucked her face. Others brandished crops and whips of varying types, reddening her skin and prying more yelps and groans from her. This went on and on, hour after hour. And there was nothing Rikku could do.​

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Story by our friend J-cal!
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