Subject: Bayonetta
Occupation: Witch​
Hourly Charge: $ 400,00
Acquisition Date: 18/10/2014
Acquisition Level: Very Hard

Booth Manager Comments:

The subject’s capture was scheduled to take place at a very specific time and place in the subject’s universe. In said moment the subject’s abilities would be compromised after an encounter with a white-haired girl named Jeanne. At this point the subject would be bereft of her famous guns and part of her memories, which was deemed the only point in time where it would be safe to capture her.

Even without her guns, the subject’s weave and magical powers was a tough hurdle for the LDE team to overcome. Initially, the plan was that operatives Alpha, Bravo and Charlie would get the subject’s attention whilst operative Delta would use her psychic abilites to daze and confuse the subject, leaving her vulnerable to the squad’s tranquilizier darts. What was not expected and therefore not planned, was the subject’s magical abilities’ resistance to operative Delta’s psychic powers. This unexpected setback left operatives Alpha, Bravo and Charlie in a difficult position as the subject was not subdued as quickly as was planned, which very nearly ended in disaster as the subject nearly managed to make a summon (based on the data on the subject prior to the start of the operation, it seems likely that the summon in question would be some kind of dragon) that might very well have wiped the LDE-squad out completely. Luckily, a psychic blast from operative Delta managed to break the subject’s concentration for a moment, allowing three tranquilizer darts to hit home in her chest before the subject could either counterattack or flee in the form of a cloud of bats.

From there the LDE-squad got the subject back to the Sex-Arcade facility, where the subject’s integration took place immediately, but unlike most captured subjects, this one had to be heavily restrained both physically and by the Sex-Arcade’s psychic talents.

Already the subject has proven to be a very lucrative addition to the Sex-Arcade catalog, as the subject did not cease to struggle even after her debut. As expected, this has made her very popular among the clients who enjoy watching subjects fight and curse (from behind a securely attached gag, of course), and as a result the line to this particular subject’s booth grew rapidly. Because of this, the booth manager responsible for the subject extended her debut for an additional 12 hours in order to let all the clients that had shown up have their turn, and even after 24 hours the the subject’s will remained unbroken. While she tired herself out trying to break her bonds, she did never give up nor cry a single tear of defeat. It appears as though the subject might prove to be as willful as the subject Power-Girl.

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