Subject: Lara Croft
Occupation: Archaeologist
Hourly Charge: $ 350,00
Acquisition Date: 30/09/2014
Acquisition Level: Hard

Booth Manager Comment:
This was a tough girl to snatch! Actually, we are still trying to figure out how she managed to sniff out the approach of the LDE team (all wearing fully functional cloaking device), nearly killing an operative with an arrow throught the head. Her arrow went wide, thankfully,and the operative escaped with a “mere” gash across his temple. We are currently discussion whether to appoint a psychic talent to all LDE teams engaged in A-class aquisitions, as well as in some of the B-class missions.
Upon neutralization and capture, the subject was kept unconscious until she had been brought to the facility. Waking in the midst of the cleaning procedure, subject attempted to violently free herself by any means necessary, hurting an employee severely (said employee lost part of her ear, and will not be returning to work until two weeks). Subject was administered a tranqulizer to keep her unconscious for the remainder of her integration process.
The subject was , still unconscious, placed in booth #031, and she was not awakened until she was properly restrained and the booth opened, ready to receive clients. She was initally displayed in an AV (anal/vaginal) restraint-mechanism and fitted with a large ball-gag to ensure she would not be able to harm any customers, but the long list of clients eagerly awaiting to try the subject presented us with an opportunity to break the subject’s will through the sheer numbers of visits. We requested increased psychic security for her booth for the next 24 hours, our psychic talent rendering the subject completely unable to resist in any way. Her sense of touch is now also significantly increased (in regards to both pain and pleasure). With this added security, we decided to upgrade her to an AVO (anal/vaginal/Oral) restraint-mechanism, and now she is to be kept in service for the next 24 hours. Upon completion of said 24 hours, she is to be cleaned and handed over to her psyche-consultant for her daily checkup, at which time I am confident she will be far more cooperative and docile.​