Subject: Miranda Lawson
Occupation: Cerberus Officer
Hourly Charge: $ 350,00
Acquisition Date: 08/11/2014
Acquisition Level: Hard

Booth Manager Comment:
Subject: Lawson, Miranda

Physical description:
Sex: Female
Height: 5 feet 9.5 inches
Weight: 140 pounds
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Age: 36 (appears younger due to genetic enhancements)
Profession: Operative

Known associations: Subject was highly placed in terrorist group “Cerberus” and served with Jane Shepard (aka “Heroine of the Blitz”, “Savior of the Citadel”, etc.; see “Project Lazarus”). Subject later defected from Cerberus and distanced herself from Shepard, which facilitated her capture.

Extensive genetic modifications imparting enhanced physical attractiveness, stamina, pain tolerance
Mixture of overt sexual allure and reserved personality that will appeal to many clients

Enhanced intelligence, physical strength, stamina, reflexes, pain tolerance, toxin resistancePsychokinetic ability (see “biotics”)
Extensive combat and covert operations training and experience
Survival, resistance, and escape (SERE) training and experience
In summary, an exceptionally dangerous subject.


The acquisition of Miranda Lawson is a textbook illustration of the importance of thorough planning and preparation.

Phase one (Recon): Subject was monitored covertly for a period of three months. During that time, she changed identities at least seven times and relocated nine times. She appears to have detected our surveillance efforts on at least two occasions; however, she mistakenly attributed these to Cerberus.

Phase two (Contact): Acquisition of subject was expected to be very difficult. It was decided to enlist the aid of her former employer (Cerberus). This proved instrumental to the success of the mission.

From Cerberus we learned Ms. Lawson was trying to locate her sister, Oriana, who was previously under protection of Cerberus. As Ms. Lawson had defected from Cerberus, Oriana was now missing and presumed to have been abducted by Henry Lawson, who was now also affiliated with Cerberus. Ms. Lawson was determined to locate her sister, even at the risk of her own life.

Based on this intelligence, information was leaked to Ms. Lawson pertaining to location of her sister. This was done by LDE agents posing as fellow Cerberus defectors and using Cerberus communication channels and recognition signals that were provided to us for this mission. Ms. Lawson was receptive to this approach, and a meeting was arranged in a lightly populated location with easy access via shuttle.

Phase three (Acquisition): A prototype “mass effect damping” device was purchased from Cerberus. This device counteracts “biotic” effects and disables personal (though not larger) weapons, kinetic barriers, and shields, all of which operate on the same principle (i.e. manipulation of dark energy). As expected, it rendered the subject easily susceptible to tranquilizer darts fired by pneumatic rifle. The dosages were increased (1.0937 times standard dosage for non-enhanced human female of equal body mass) to compensate for her superior toxin resistance.

Phase four (Extraction): Routine. Subject, now immobilized, was secured and extracted via shuttle with doctored “Systems Alliance” markings and registry. Shuttle then docked with a similarly disguised FTL-capable ship. Ship exited Citadel space without incident and proceeded to “mass relay” which had been previously interfaced with Mass Quantic Gate (MQG). To date, no sign of pursuit has been detected.

Phase five (Integration): Minor surgery was required to remove “biotic amp” device, which provided neural interface to implanted element zero.


Transcript 1: Acquisition of Subject: Lawson, Miranda
[Door opens]
[Subject enters with weapon drawn]
Subject: Zhou? [Alias used by LDE operative when establishing contact]
Acquisition Team Member 1 (A1): You got the money?
Subject: As we agreed. Half up front, half when I find her. Where is she?
A1: First point that thing someplace else.
Subject: Where. Is. She?
Subject: There are other ways of doing this. [Shifts aim.] I’ll begin with the extremities.
A1 [Raises hands.] All right, all right. She’s in a Cerberus facility in an asteroid belt in the Farinata system. For high-value detainees, they said.
Subject: I know of it. [Exhales.] Very well. I want the latest personnel roster, supply schedule, everything.
A1: That’ll cost another -Subject: I don’t care. Send it. [Voice analysis suggests subject planned to eliminate contact at the conclusion of the transaction.]
A1: Fine. [Activates “omni-tool”.]
[Mass effect damping device engages. Subject immediately (reaction time was less than 0.4 seconds) attempts to open fire; as expected, her weapon malfunctions. Operatives A2 and A3, concealed by portable cloaking devices, fire a total of three tranquilizer darts at subject. Subject evades the first dart, but is struck in her left breast by the second, and in the back of her right thigh by the third. Due to the adjusted dosage, subject is rendered harmless in less than three seconds. Subject is able to remove one dart before injection completes, but is not able to remove the remaining dart before onset of paralysis.]
Subject: No… [unintelligible]
A1: Target is down.
A4: Perimeter secure.
A1: Comm?
A4: There was an attempted burst transmission. Likely keyed to her biometrics. We caught it.
A1: Forward it to Intel.
A4: Yes ma’am.
A1: E-Team: red sky. [“All clear” signal]
Extraction Team Member 1 (E1): Say again, team one.
A1: I repeat, Romeo Sierra.
E1: Roger that. On our way.


Transcript 2: Integration of Subject: Lawson, Miranda
Subject: [moans]
Integration Team Member 2 (I2): Ma’am? She’s waking up.
Subject: [unintelligible]
I1: Ms. Lawson?
Subject: Uhhh…
I1: How are we feeling?
Subject: …where…
I1: “Where” does not matter, Ms. Lawson. Right now, “what” is rather more important.
Subject: Ori…
I1: Don’t worry, Ms. Lawson. With any luck, you’ll see your sister soon.I2: You might even be working together.
Subject: No – you have to let me – mmph! [unintelligible]
I1: [Inserts bar gag.] Shhh. For now, Ms. Lawson, I need you to listen carefully.[Transcript continues; see Appendix B]


Transcript 3: Playback of automated burst transmission sent by subject upon incapacitation.Shepard, this is Miranda Lawson. If you’re receiving this, I’ve been captured or killed while trying to find Oriana. Do not try to find me. Focus on Oriana.
I’m meeting with an informant who goes by the alias Kara Zhou. Meeting location is the Citadel, Tayseri Ward, Dilinaga Concert Hall, Rehearsal Room 3. It’s still closed for repairs, which is no doubt why she picked it. I’ll be careful, but that might not be enough. But I have to do this. It’s the most promising lead I’ve had so far. I’m including a record of our correspondence in case it helps you track her.
Again: don’t try to find me, Shepard. Find Oriana. Please.


Addendum: Subject has proven highly resistant to physical, psychic, and chemical restraint, exceeding expectations based on genetic makeup and personality profile. Thus far, no clients have been injured, but several have expressed complaints over Ms. Lawson’s evident lack of willingness and her scathing verbal abuse (which she has quickly learned to convey in spite of her gag). We have referred her to several clients with a taste for especially reluctant subjects, but these make up a minority of our clientele. Given these difficulties, and given the expenses incurred in acquiring this subject, Accounting projects an additional three months before subject is profitable.

We therefore recommend acquisition of Ms. Lawson’s sister, Oriana, to facilitate her integration. (1) This will be less costly than the acquisition of Ms. Lawson herself. (2) We expect Ms. Lawson to cooperate more readily with her clients given the simple incentive of reducing the client load upon her sister. (3) Optionally, the Lawson sisters, as a combined attraction, would yield an expected 350% revenue increase over projections for the first year.

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