Subject: Harley Quinn
Occupation: Super Villain
Hourly Charge: $ 250,00
Acquisition Date: 04/01/2015
Acquisition Level: Medium​


[Exerpt from “Sex-arcade 101: A Complete Guide For New Employees”]

Chapter three: The Location

The Sex-Arcade is situated in a very well known city, however its exact location is a secret unless one works there. To access the place itself is necessary to enter one of the high-speed rail capsules scattered all over the city disguised as certain thrift shops. From here, capsules travel through an extensive underground rail-system, finally arriving at the Sex-Arcade’s front entrance where the client or clients are greeted by one or more of the Sex-Arcade’s beautiful, trained hostesses. The entrance is also protected by armed guards, who require DNA identifications from any arriving clients. Upon verification the client or clients are lead to the escalator that leads down to the second level.

The booths are located on the second and third levels. These spacious floors contain hundreds of booths, many of these booths are vacant until new subjects can be acquired. However the size of the floors are such that one has a better chance of becoming completely lost before finding a booth that is empty. In-between the booths are moving walkways for easy navigation and eager to serve booth hostesses are never far away.

The fourth level is the Sex-Arcade’s largest, by itself eclipsing the second and third levels combined. On this floor are the subject-quarters, the crew’s dormitories, the kitchens, hygienic facilities, storage and crew recreational zones. The subject-quarters have a standardized size and layout, consisting of one large bed, a dinner table with a chair, a widescreen TV complete with all kinds of visual and auditory entertainment including but not limited to movies, series, video-games and regular TV channels. Each quarter also has its own fully equipped bathroom. In short, every quarter has all the necessities of a comfortable life, excepting, of course, the subject’s freedom, as the only way to enter or leave the room is through the transportation capsule, which attaches to the wall outside the door. When the subject enters the capsule, it will lock, and will put the subject to sleep instantly. This ensures it is safe for the subject to be taken to the desired location..

Also located on the fourth level are the managerial zones, offices and facilities needed to run and operate the Sex-Arcade.

The crew’s dormitories, kitchens and recreational zones are pretty much the standard for large companies. This includes but are not limited to large sleeping quarters with very comfortable bunk-beds, various private rooms for sexual recreation, several large mess halls, three large and fully equipped gyms and recreational zones with various types of entertainment (TVs, computers, board games, electronic games and more). There are various maintenance zones and workshops where all of the Sex-Arcade’s equipment and clothing are made and repaired on an as-needed basis. Finally, there are several large storage zones where food is stored, clothing and equipment cleaned and such other commodities.

The fifth level is the operational level. Here is where the LDE squad missions are planned, exercised and launched through the top-secret Mass Quantic Gate (MQG) to acquire new subjects for the Sex-Arcade. The MQG is a wide circular gate running on secret and strange energies. When activated, it creates a rip through space, homing in on a fixed spot through dimensions to the homeworld of the current target. How close the MQD is able to create the exit to the target depends on a variety of factors, such as the knowledge of the target’s world and weather anomalies. The MQG works by analyzing the data provided by the operators followed by searching the nigh countless possible variations of universes and dimensions, then hopefully and finally locating whatever it is looking for.

For example, when the Sex-Arcade set about going to acquire the subject Lara Croft, the MQG database was tasked with analyzing all the Tomb Raider games, comics, conceptual art and the feature length movie discs. Using this data, the gate found the alternate universe in which Lara Croft was a real woman rather than a game character, however if less accurate data had been fed to the MQG, the LDE squad dispatched might have encountered a very different Lara Croft to the one known to our universe. She could have been blonde, been taller, had a different personality or even having been a man. However, before any mission is scheduled through the MQG, the gate’s operators spend months acquiring as much data as humanly possible to ensure that the subjects they target are the exact same ones as we know in our world.

There is, however, one small setback to the MQG’s system. Any time a subject is successfully extracted, materiel from that subject’s universe crosses over into our own universe. The ramifications of this fact is as of yet unknown, but bringing pieces of other universes into our own might drag our universe in an unknown direction.

There is also, as mused by the intelligent operators of the MQG, a strong possibility that somewhere in a different universe altogether, there is a person writing and drawing the events happening in the Sex-Arcade, and this person is probably under the impression that the Sex-Arcade is his/her creation.