Subject: Catwoman
Occupation: Thief
Hourly Charge: $ 300.00
Acquisition Date: 21/06/2015
Acquisition Level: Medium

Story: Catwoman

Selina Kyle closed her eyes, and, for the briefest of moments, lost herself in a cloud of mind numbing euphoria. In the dream she was ‘Catwoman’.  Prowling over the rooftops of Gotham City. Clad in skin tight leather she would leap from grey-hued concrete buildings, send her whip to crack out from her hand. Snag at rust pocked fire escapes and weather worn gargoyles. Propelling herself through the air she would swing down dingy streets and alleyways with displays of agility that put world class gymnasts to shame.

In that dream life she was master of her own destiny. Slave to no one.

A thief.
A villain.
A hero.

“Open those pretty eyes, Selina.” demanded a gruff voice.

Reluctantly she did as commanded.   Cracked open her cum smeared lids to stare down the barrels of a dozen angry cocks.  All were aimed squarely at her as she was forced to crouch low. Her wrists bound to the floor and her face inches from a small, block like, shiny metal table. A bowl placed upon it, the name ‘Catwoman’ scrawled along the side in thick permanent marker. Selina’s eyes glanced down. The light purple plastic pet food dish was already half full of pearly cum. Run off from the cocks that had been plastering her face and mouth over the past few hours.

Her thighs burned with exertion from her ass raised high into the air.  Legs kept almost straight by the binding bars that spread her ankles wide apart and tested her innate, near super-human, flexibility to the breaking point.
The man behind her didn’t seem to care about her comfort of course. None of her rapists ever did.  Her grunted and swore at her. Clenched her hips in an iron grip and mercilessly rammed his thick length into her poor abused pussy over and over. Heavy, sweaty balls swung back and forth, to slap a steady rhythm on her swollen clit.  The action sent humiliatingly pleasurable shocks throughout her body.

Selina Kyle. aka Catwoman was only one thing now.

A whore.

Selina turned toward the sound of a choking gurgle to her left. A few feet away, Felicia Hardy, aka. The Black Cat was in the same position as she was, save that one of the men clustered around her face had his cock buried in her throat. He fucked away like an animal in heat.  His hands hidden to the wrists in her long luxurious white hair as he held her head for maximum penetration with each stroke.

Felicia clawed at the floor pitifully as another overweight brute continued to pulverize her cunt like a jackhammer even as she struggled to deep throat the meat slamming between her lips.

“Fuck man ! How does the Arcade keep these kitty cat’s pussies so tight?! ” The man working over Selina’s sucking cunt grunted and continued his thrusting.  “All the cock you bitches take?”
Catwoman grit her teeth at the rhetorical question. She knew exactly how her captors managed that not so small feat. Daily doses of chemical cocktails along with medicated lubes and ointments always insured the ‘Sex Arcades Subjects’ holes achieved maximum stimulation for their ‘members’ members. Although, as Selina could attest,  it had the unfortunate side effect of sometimes making it uncomfortably tight for more than a few of the Arcades Subjects. Especially when it came to dealing with some of the more well endowed men . At least there was never a shortage of lubricants in the Arcade. That small favor at least made things a bit more bearable.​


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Story by Scratch!
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