Subject: Elizabeth
Occupation: None
Hourly Charge: $ 250,00
Acquisition Date: 16/11/2014
Acquisition Level: Easy

Booth Manager Comment:

[excerpt from Sex-arcade internal mailing database]

* * *

From: Ms Lanna M. (LDE Team Manager)
To: Ms Marlene C. (Director of Acquisitions)
Subject: Subject Elizabeth Mission

Hello there Marl!

So, the Girls just returned from the acquisitions of the two subject Elizabeths. Both missions went very smoothly, and the two new ladies are already receiving thorough cleanings at the soapy hands of the integration crew.

The “pre-Booker” mission was very easy, as the subject was totally unaware of her own powers. In fact, she didn’t even notice when the tranquilizer dart struck her in the neck. She simply collapsed, already unconscious, to the ground. A clean job indeed.

The “post-Booker” mission needed a bit more planning, as the subject was already in partial control of her powers. Fortunately, in the midst of all that chaos it was easy to lay an ambush, and we put the subject and her friend on the ground in no time. We only needed to make sure the subject was caught off guard, which was an easy task.

But we’re curious over here about the double acquisition for this mission! Why two versions of the same subject? Not that it was a problem – it’s just that the girls are curious and so am I ^^


* * *

From: Ms Marlene C. (Director of Acquisitions)
To: Ms Lanna M. (LDE Team Manager)
Subject: RE: Subject Elizabeth Mission

Hi there Lanna,

First of all, congratulations on the acquisition of subject Wonder Woman! I heard it was a very difficult mission and that some of the Girls sustained severe injuries. I’m glad to hear they are all fully recovered and ready for work. Please send my congratulations to the four ladies!

To answer your question, many of the votes for this particular subject came with notes asking for either the “pre-Booker” or “post-Booker” version. We figured one version would win by a wide margin, but after counting the votes we found the two versions were almost equally popular!

So after some thinking, we decided it would be good to have both versions of the subject! After all, we’re expecting a large number of patrons to attend her debut, and since neither of the subjects seemed like a hard catch, we figured – why not? Of course I cleared the idea with my supervisor before sending you the acquisition forms.

By the way, we should have another of those late night parties again soon! The last one was a blast! And guess what? I have six three-hour tickets to the VIP room! We could throw a hell of a party with those! I’m sure the girls would love to try out some of the new subjects they worked so hard to acquire, and maybe even get a little “payback” on subject WW ;D After you give the girls the good news, just let me know the date and time and I’ll mark the calendar!

Hope to hear from you soon!


* * *
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A big thanks to the Patron Hdctbpal for helping me with the grammar on the “Mailing Data” ^^.​
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