Subject: Leliana
Occupation: Bard​
Hourly Charge: $ 200,00
Acquisition Date: 25/10/2014
Acquisition Level: Easy

They had been on the road when it had happened. Accopmanying her bardmaster, Marjolaine, on a secret, high-risk mission to Ferelden, the nation of filthy dog-loving peasants, Leliana was ready to wreak havoc in the Fereldan capital of Denerim. There were scores to settle, as several members of the Orlesian nobility wanted satisfaction for various matters, most commonly public insults. Not a pragmatic lot, the Orlesians were all too invested in their own standing and position within “the Game”, and as such even minor offenses from foreign dignitaries would make them lose respect amongst their fellows.
Naturally, that simply just would not do.
As such, it was better to have said dignitaries removed from play, so that the status-quo of the Game, and through it, their own standing, would continue in a more favourable direction. So, the famed Orlesian bards were sent to deal with matters.
However, as Leliana and her party made camp northeast of Halamshiral, due west of the Fereldan border, the group was attacked by someone hidden amongst the trees. The group fell to the ground, strange darts puncturing their necks as they were setting up their tent, making them fall down as four strangely clad persons came stalking out from the dark forest.
Leliana was on her knees, breathing heavily, feeling an intense weariness spread throughout her. Instinctively she reached for her bow, and with trembling hands she notched an arrow even as her mind filled with mist. The four figures in white approached in a wide semi-circle, about seven meters between each of them. In their hands they held what appeared to be bowless crossbows, but whatever it was, the bard had not seen their like before. She lifted her bow, the numbness in her body barely giving her enough strength to draw the string back. She let the arrow fly, but it went hopelessly wide of her intended target, who seemed perfectly unfazed by the attempt.
The figure – a woman, Leliana now saw – was pointing her strange weapon at Leliana, and following a hushed “fth” sound, another dart hit home, sending Leliana crashing to the ground.
Having planned to strike when the target was on the road and therefore more approachable, well in time before the beginning of the coming “Blight” this world would soon struggle with, the LDE squad’s operation was a complete success, and they disappeared into the night with their quarry back towards the Mass Quantic Gate.

Leliana had, in her time as a respected – indeed even feared – bard found herself captured on a few occasions. However at those times, she had managed to free herself without aid. Rope was only so apt at binding, after all. But when she woke in a strange, foreign environment, it was immediately clear that whatever metal things kept her arms behind her back and her legs closed would not easily be removed.
What followed was a series of strange procedures, oddly dressed people taking her to odd places, each stop making her more frantic, trying more useless things to escape her abductors. Something was also in her mouth, prohibiting her from making coherent speech, but it did not seem like her strange captors – whose clothing, emblems and peculiar equipment betrayed nothing as to whose lord they pledged their allegiance – were much for talking anyway. Was she even in Thedas anymore?
After being scrubbed inside and out by young girls, catalogued like a shepherd numbers his sheep and having her clothes taken away, Leliana was given dreadful news from a woman sitting behind a desk, being informed that she was now the “property” of something called a “Sex-Arcade”, and that the bard was to get started with her “debut” right away.

There was no way around it, Leliana came to understand. She had been taken to some kind of brothel, yet she was not a willing woman who made her living servicing whomsoever found her attractive. Technically, she did so the latter, but she was far from willing.
After being knocked out – through some unknown magic, surely – Leliana had woken up in a small room, some kind of cell, filled to the rafters with strange items and bottles with what looked like syrupy water, as well as the unmistakable forms of whips, rope and chains.
She found she was bent over, her arms firmly held behind her back, and her head unable to rise due to a collar around her neck attached to a smooth, metallic surface that kept her face pressed down against it. She was standing on the floor, yet her legs too were held forcibly together by something tight and uncomfortable, which also kept them fastened to the floor.
To her mounting dismay and disbelief, an endless string of men had entered the room behind her – one by one – and proceeded to violate her like only men could. Rough, gruff and tough, they had had their way with her, pounded her mercilessly into the darkest depths of degradation and humiliation. Leliana was shocked, outraged and afraid, not knowing what she could do or if there indeed were anything she could do at all, save having her body offered up like a sacrificial lamb. After the latest man had finished doing his dirty business to her, one of the women in white who barely wore clothes at all, the ones they called “hostesses”, had as usual cleaned the bard in preparation for the next “client”, removing men’s seed from her skin and making sure she was “prepared” for the next man.
Would these men never stop coming? Would Leliana be kept here forever like some kind of breeding mare, unable to fight off or even stop those who came to “enjoy” her?
Trying to protest to the hostess proved equally as fruitless as attempting to escape, for she just smiled and kept telling the bard to “do her best” for each and every “client”. As the hostess stepped out, another man stepped in.

“Well, well, well,” said the man as he entered the room. Leliana could not see him, in fact she had not gotten good looks of any of her rapists due to the way she was restrained, as the doorway into this cell was behind her.
“I definitely did the right thing voting for your capture,” he added, coming behind Leliana and ran his hands all over her exposed ass and thighs. “Not to mention paying extra to be here for your debut.”
The man walked around to Leliana’s front who, despite her situation, found the man somewhat handsome. That did not make her think any better of him, however, well aware that he was here to do what all the other men had.
“Let me hear that sexy French accent,” he said, undoing the strap of the wide gag in Leliana’s mouth, making it plop to the table, saliva slathering it and dripping onto the shining surface. “Set me free, stranger,” she immediately jumped on the opportunity to get away. And for now, her only weapon was her words.
“Wouldn’t dream of it,” the man grinned. “I know what you are capable of. I’ve controlled you myself, so I know. You, Alistair and Morrigan were the three permanent members of my party. However you are the one I always wanted to fuck the most.” Leliana had just no idea what the man was talking about, nor who the other two people he mentioned were, but she still had the opportunity to speak, and she would try to convince him as best as she could.
“If you release me, my masters can…” she started, but the man promptly removed his clothes as she spoke. His manhood was already straining and erect, and he applied a generous amount of the thick water from the “lube” labelled bottles to it. She had learned that it, if nothing else, made things slide without effort and therefore without pain – however, if they wanted to cause her harm, they found other ways, as so many of them did.
“Sorry babe, you’re not in Thedas anymore,” he took up position behind her. “and you are not a bard anymore. You are just a hot fuck-toy, and I intend to enjoy you for every minute I have paid for you.” With a wicked grin, the man slid his cock into Leliana, making her yelp and cry from the force. It seemed talking, the one talent left to her, was wasted as well.
She would not be able to convince any of them. They had brought her here only to fuck her.

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Story by my big friend J-Cal!
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