Subject: Snow White
Occupation: Princess
Hourly Charge: $ 200,00
Acquisition Date: 23/09/2014
Acquisition Level: Easy

Booth Manager Comment:
The subject was easily aquired; no firearms in the subject’s world lead to an overwhelming capture, and the seven dwarves accompanying her were neutralized without difficulty by our LDE (Locate/Disable/Extract) team.
Subject was cleaned and sterilized upon arrival at our facility, and shortly after she was displayed on the 2nd floor in booth #154.¬†After her initiation, subject’s booth has been visited non-stop by clients, however, vaginal and anal intercourse seem to have taken a back seat to the subject’s innocent face, making this subject one of our most popular oral attractions.
Her 12-hour shift is soon over, whereupon the subject will be cleaned out and subsequently presented to our consultant for the daily mapping of her bodily and mental state. Subject is required to rest for 12 hours before being brought back to her booth.