Subject: Gogo Tomago
Occupation: Super Heroine
Hourly Charge: $ 300,00
Acquisition Date: 28/12/2014
Acquisition Level: medium​


[Exerpt from “Sex-arcade 101: A Complete Guide For New Employees”]

Chapter One: The Founding

What a better place to start than the beginning? The Sex-Arcade was founded by two men whose identities are unknown. What is known is that one of these men was responsible for screening and hiring the needed personell to run the Sex-Arcade. It is rumoured that he has a strong psionic mind, as people are also said to be unable to tell him no, and that the same people are unable to recall any of his characteristics. Furthermore, the speculation is that the other man was the architect and constructor of the Sex-Arcade facility, building all five underground levels by himself. Surely this cannot be true, considering the structure’s scale and the immaculate metallic finish and fundation.

Chapter Two: The Clients

The Sex-Arcade’s clients all go through a thorough screening and selection process, including but not restricted to personal information and blood samples, All of this information are stored on secure servers, which even include additional information about every client that has been dug up by the Sex-Arcade’s operatives. However, the service offered to the clients is so exclusive and perfect that there has yet to be filed a single complaint on matters of clients feeling their personal lives being violated.

There is only one way of becoming a client in the Sex-Arcade, and that is by being “appointed.” Any client can appoint a single potential new client every three months. All potential new clients are thoroughly scrutinized before scheduling a meeting with a Sex-Arcade Manager is even considered.

Any client may suggest new subjects to the Sex-Arcade catalog by submitting their suggestion to any floor hostesses that work in and among the booths. Suggestions are then cataloged and compared to other client suggestions. If any one subject meets the required number of “votes”, the subject is added to the Sex-Arcade’s “target list”.


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A big thanks to my friend J-cal for helping me with the grammar on the “Sex-arcade 101″
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