Subject: Ariel
Occupation: Princess
Hourly Charge: $ 250,00
Acquisition Date: 18/01/2015
Acquisition Level: Very Easy​


[Exerpt from “Sex-arcade 101: A Complete Guide For New Employees”]

Chapter Five (final): The Subjects

The Subjects are the most important part of the Sex-Arcade. Without them, there would be no Sex-Arcade. They are fictional characters in our universe that are extracted from alternate realities where they are real living beings. How the LDE squads operate in capturing the subjects is a mystery to others who know of or work in the Sex-Arcade. The only thing that is for certain is that the LDE operatives does not kill anybody during their missions, even though some operatives have sustained major injuries and been close to death themselves when on assignment.

Upon arrival at the facility, the subjects start the integration process. It consists of a thorough cleaning and decontamination, followed by a detailed cataloguing of their physical appearance and body (height, eye-colour, blood type and other such info). The subject’s clothes are also catalogued and measured so that it can be mass produced, so that the subject is wearing what the clients expect them to wear.

After the subject’s initial cleaning process and cataloguing, the subject is taken to her assigned booth in a transportation capsule, in which she is kept unconscious, only being awakened when she is securely restrained. Next is the subject’s “debut”, a continuous twelve-hour shift in her booth. This debut serves two goals; the first is of a psychological nature, as after such a long shift the subject’s mind is more docile and more prepared to accept the fact that she is now a sex-slave. The second goal is that the Sex-Arcade stand to boost their income, as for the first twelve hours the hourly charge for the booth is five times that of the normal rate, as many clients enjoy the resistant and frightened state of the subject’s mind after having been brought to the facility.

After the debut, the subject is taken (unconscious) to her daily cleansing where she is properly cleaned, clothed and administered with a cocktail of vitamins, contraceptives and such, followed by a meeting with her assigned consultant (subject is naturally kept restrained in her transportation capsule), who explains to the subject what her new life will consist of. The rules of the Sex-Arcade are explained, and the subject is given the chance to voice any questions she may have. Upon completion, subject is taken to her new room, where she will be allowed to rest for twelve hours before starting her first proper eight-hour shift in her booth. Additionally, for three days a week prior to starting their eight-hour booth shifts, the subjects are required to exercise for three hours in the gymnasium to keep their bodies fit and healthy.

The time it takes a subject to get used to and accept her new life as a sexual slave varies from girl to girl, some are more submissive by nature and relent quicker, whereas some subjects actively try to resist for weeks or even months.

Some subjects never adapt, however, as it is the case of Subject #079 known as “Power Girl”. She is the Sex-Arcade’s most problematic subject, and is the only subject who has successfully hurt a client. Oddly enough this only makes her more popular, as many clients enjoy her anger and struggles.

All subjects are released after a certain amount of time. The subject is placed in her transportation capsule as per usual, but insted of being lead to her booth, the subject is taken to the MQG and returned to her native world along with a sizable sum of the native currency (0,05% of the income made in the subject’s booth). Upon release, the subject’s name is returned to the aquisition list so that a new version of the subject can be aquired later on in order to keep the catalogue complete