Subject: Black Cat
Occupation: Thief
Hourly Charge: $ 300.00
Acquisition Date: 26/07/2015
Acquisition Level: Medium

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Story: Black Cat

“Yo, toss me another Arc-Aid.”

The Black Cat heard the click as the can’s pop-top cracked open. A difficult feat considering the loud sounds of slapping flesh and the heavy grunts that emanated from the thug above her. The bastard had her legs draped over his muscular forearms as he uncaringly slammed into her with deep, powerful strokes. He stopped momentarily. Sank himself all the way into her quivering snatch then stirred his hips making her grit her teeth and breath heavily through her nose. He leaned back and looked down to where their bodies met. Watched his glistening dick puffing and pulling at her folds when he stroked in and out. Her flushed white skin a stark contrast to his dark ebony shaft.

Felicia tried to suppress the involuntary shudder that ran through her as he unconsciously rubbed at her G-spot before he leaned forward and started his frenzied thrusting once more.

“Yeah, you like that? You like that don’t you, girl? You like getting all this big black cock stuffed up in your belly, right?” He talked in a low voiced murmur, almost as if speaking to himself. A constant mumbling stream while he used her body.

Out of the five of them he was the talker. Felicia swore he hadn’t shut up since she had been delivered to the VIP room for their amusement. It was a larger room. One that the Arcade used for group sessions or gang bang parties. A couple couches sat against the wall where the clients could lounge and relax to catch their breath as others violated their chosen Subjects.  A few yards away sat a second bed.  Hidden behind a thick purple curtain to separate the room for a little privacy. Another client was in there with a Subject of her own. Felicia could hear the loud grunts and slapping of skin from the other poor tormented girl.

How long had she been in here with these brutes? It had been awhile. Time was always hard to judge now. They had all used her at least once. That much she knew. Thankfully the position she was in at the moment wasn’t great for multiple partners. She was laid on the bed, bound to the wall by short lengths of metal rope that attached at her wrists and the collar about her neck. Forcing her to look up at her rapists.

Felicia could see the other four behind the scumbag thrusting into her. Clustered about as they, not so patiently, waited for another turn between her legs. All of them laughed and jeered encouragement to their friend, and disgustingly, her as well. Like she was an active participant in her ongoing debasement.

She watched as they chugged on the newest sexual aid to be provided by the Sex Arcade. Some kind of twisted Red Bull meets Viagra energy drink. It seemed to her that in addition to giving a body more stamina it both thickened up dicks and increased the output of their ejaculate. Felicia swore since the stuff had made its debut all the Arcade patrons were now sporting wood and popping cum like porn stars.

Fun for the clients, not so much for the women like her on the receiving end of the endless rapes.
Mumbles continued his verbal assault. Let her know how much she “loved black cock,”  how she was an “addict who couldn’t get enough.”  He had started gently at first, but now he was getting nastier, more vulgar. He swore and yelled down at her, ordered her to look at him as he let her know what a whore she was.

By the wild rutting her poor cunt was getting subjected to, and the shift in tone, Felicia knew he was getting close. Unbelievably, he stepped up the pace even further. Delivered a furious pounding that had her tugging at her restraints and crying out loudly. Then he dropped her legs and scurried up to place his knees on either side of her head. His hand stroked madly at his slicked dick as he bought it to her lips.

Felicia turned her head with a grunt of protest. She didn’t know why she bothered. It was just an involuntary action. She knew she couldn’t escape what he wanted.  He was going to get his way. Just as the hundreds of others before him had.

“Open that fuckin’ mouth, bitch…” Mumbles gripped her hair and yanked back forcefully, his other hand still aiming his cock at her face while he jerked himself off. “Time you sucked down my spunk too, slut! NOW FUCKIN ‘ OPEN!”

Felicia did as he ordered. Parted her lips to allow him to guide in his dick. Mumbles leaned on the wall with one hand while the other shoved her head up and down. Made her gurgle and gag as he worked himself the last of the way. She squeezed her eyes shut tight as his cock slipped deep. Over and over.

Felicia felt his balls tense as they were pressed hard to her chin and then came that horrible warm gush at the back of her throat. Mumbles groaned and tugged her head back until just head of his dick was still crammed in her mouth. “Open yer e-eyes and l-look at me..Ohh.. UnNh  F-ffuck… Yeah, you taste that? You ahh…y-you black cum suckin’ slut…”

Another of the bastards was leaning over her. A small camera phone held in his hand as he panned around to capture her hateful gaze while she glared up and swallowed the heavy load…


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Story by Scratch!
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