Subject: Misty
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
Hourly Charge: $ 200.00
Acquisition Date: 14/06/2015
Acquisition Level: Very Easy

Story: Misty and Jesse​

“Hey, Jesse… nuff.. looks .. ahh  AHH haa… looks like my ‘Meat Rocket’ is b-blasting off…Ahh… Aggainnnn!!”
Jesse felt thick spurts of cum coat the back of her throat. She swallowed involuntarily as the goonie faced nerd gave a few more hard thrusts that tickled at her gag reflex. His hand gripped her long purple hair tightly. He tugged on it. Pulled her face about roughly until his dick popped free from the ring gag stuffed between her shiny, cum smeared, lips. With her hair wrapped around his fist, he had guided her mouth up and down his shaft until he exploded. Not just once, but twice! Thankfully, the second  time, he withdrew relatively quickly, before any more of his disgusting seed worked its way down into her belly.

How could he have so much left in his balls? The bitter thought raced through Jesse’s mind  as cum continued to pump from his cock onto her face.  It was less of a load than the first, though, not by much.

She sucked in a lungful of air. It was hard enough trying to breathe around a thick, thrusting cock in her throat but, having her old ‘enemy’, and now often times ‘partner’ Misty, lying between her breasts and on her spunk-filled stomach, definitely didn’t help matters.
Leaning on her tits Misty groaned as she was  rocked back and forth from the cock that continued to slide in and out of her pussy. She burped up a little cum from a previous client and it dribbled from her lips to spill over Jesse’s much larger chest.  Judging by the dazed look in Misty’s eyes, and by the absolute hammering her sucking cunt was receiving, her client definitely knew how to handle his dick.

Unlike most, the men using them now were in great shape. With pleasing athletic builds. Spoiled only by plain, nerdy looking faces. Though, under the muscles, they were simply two more of the same damned, dorky, perverts the girls had come to expect from their time in the Sex Arcade. Just like ninety percent of the other “fan-boys” waiting patiently in line for their turn.

Jesse couldn’t stand them. The worst were the ones who wanted her to sign pokemon cards, usually a Wobbuffet or Ekans, before roughly violating her.  Then it was the others. The critics. With their stupid questions regarding her past, and often failed, schemes to steal pokemon.  Why didn’t ‘Team Rocket’ do this. Why didn’t they try the same plan that almost worked at a later date and fix the error they made the first time? Jesse still didn’t understand how they knew so much about her, and she hated explaining herself at the best of times, never mind trying to do so while some pimpled, four-eyed loser had his dick stuffed balls deep in her bum.

Misty’s client leaned over and gripped her ripped up shorts. Used the denim material like handles to really drive into her as hard as he could.
“I’ve searched the land so far,  UUUGGhh… spread your legs so wide…”  He began to sing while he stepped up his fucking, “to release from my cock, into your cunt, the power that’s insideeee….” He giggled to himself as he butchered one of the pokemon theme songs and continued his frenzied thrusts. ​


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Story by Scratch!
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