Subject: Wonder Woman
Occupation: Amazon
Hourly Charge: $ 400,00
Acquisition Date: 01/11/2014
Acquisition Level: Very Hard

Booth Manager Comment:
It was an incredibly tough capture. At the moment we do not have all the information regarding the extraction due to half the LDE squad currently being treated for severe injuries sustained during the operation. What we do know is that two of the LDE operators have broken a total of five ribs, and one operator was hit by a declected tranquilizer dart. All of the operators also sustained a series of cuts and bruises, ranging from shallow to significant. A tough capture indeed.

Capture of the target was scheduled to take place when the target left her residense in Paradise Island en route to joining with a group of other powerful individuals.We do know that the LDE squad arrived at the planned location at the correct time, but we are still awaiting an official report from the LDE squad, one we do not expect to receive until the operatives have been signed out of the medical department and given an opportunity to rest. The guidelines for the target acquisition were:

– Capture must take place before she joins her equally gifted compatriots, or capture will be impossible for obvious reasons.
– The squad must take heed of the target’s bracers; they can deflect projectiles with amazing precision.
– Fielding a strong psychic operator is required for capture, as physical submission of the target will not likely succeed.
– The target’s senses are S-ranked, meaning approach will only be plausible through a thoroughfully prepared ambush.

After the target’s successful extraction, the now subject underwent her integration, closely monitored by psychic operatives and liberal use of sedative injections. The subject was prudently kept unconcious during the process, letting the Sex-Arcade’s employees do their jobs without incident, as the subject was not awakened until after having been restrained securely in her booth.

The subject was integrated in our most secure AVO-device (Anal/Vaginal/Oral), as the subject’s raw physical power may let her break free from less reinforced devices. Upon waking the subject remained aggressive and unwilling to settle down, as such she was administered a small sedative to keep her dazed, not unconscious.

As is somewhat uncommon for our more “willful” subjects, we extended her debut to 24 consecutive hours as there were many clients lined up to get their time with the subject’s first display. Several clients even agreed to go in together just to get to get their hands on the subject quicker.

At the end of the twenty-four hours on display, the subject was cleaned and handed over for her psyche-consultant for the daily checkup and information regarding her new life with the Sex-Arcade. The following is the transcript of that meeting;

 Transcript notice; Please note the subject was brought to the consultation office securely restrained and unconcsious in her transportation capsule. The subject was promtply awakened, but was ball-gagged and thus unable to speak.

Dr. Hanna: Hello, my name is Doctor Hanna and I am your psyche-consultant. For the record I am stating that your name is [the doctor consults her papers] Wonder Woman, also known as Princess Diana of Themyscira. I will just call you Diana if that is all right with you.

Diana: [gagged grunts of obvious anger]

Dr. Hanna: Diana, I strongly advise you listen carefully to what I am about to tell you. It is only relevant information as to your new role and what is expected of you as the property of our company.

Diana: [further gagged grunts, subject visibly attempting to break free of her bonds with little success]

Dr. Hanna: Are you hearing what I am telling you, Diana? Settle down, there will be time for your questions later. For now I need you to be silent an pay attention, otherwise I will be forced to have you sedated and taken back to your quarters without your first consult, which I can tell you is very important for both yourself and the Sex-Arcade.

Diana: [scowls angrily at Dr. Hanna but settles down]

Dr. Hanna: Right, now, as I am sure you have come to understand, if not accept, you are our prisoner, and you will remain our prisoner for a very, very long time, so it would be best if you simply settle down and accept it.

Diana: [heavy, agitated breathing]

Dr. Hanna: As the property of the Sex-Arcade, your daily routine consists of eight hours on display attending to our clients as a sex-toy for whatever they please. Upon completion of your shift follows four hours of administrative and logistical duties, such as cleaning, clothing, medical checkups and a variety of other procedures based on what is needed. Finally, you are alotted twelve hours of rest in your quarters where you may do whatever you please, meaning sleeping, eating or entertaining yourself with electronic entertainment and more traditional entertainment such as books and puzzles. If you require anything else you may ask the hostesses to bring it to you, and insofar we are able to, you will get it as soon as can be done. For three days a week you will be exercised in the gymnasium by our talented slave-trainers to keep your body in the condition the clients expects of you.

Diana: [growls menacingly]

Dr. Hanna: Now I will list some points that you will need to keep in mind. First, do not attempt to break free or escape. Our facility is enshrouded in a psychic web, rendering your powers useless within it. You still possess your special talents, but you will simply not be able to use them within the Sex-Arcade. This same web keeps our clients from harming you in any serious way. Secondly, your cooperation is not only required, it is expected. If you make it easy for our staff, you make it easy for yourself. Were I you I would not give the hostesses excuse to “forget” to restock the lube in your booth. Thirdly, do not ask the clients to help set you free in any way. Not that they would want to set you free, after all many of them voted for you to be brought here. If you believe the employees of the Sex-Arcade to be evil, you need but wait for the more [Dr. Hanna seems to consider her words for a moment] “vigorous” clients to visit you. Lastly…

Diana: [attempts to communicate with more than angry grunts]

Dr. Hanna: All right, all right. Jenny, remove Diana’s gag if you would be so kind. [Jenny approaches the subject and gently removes the gag]

Diana: [shouting] How dare you?! I will [Dr. Hanna instructs Jenny to re-gag the subject] destroy this place by the wrath of Wond- [Jenny secures the gag back in place, leaving the subject grunting and howling in anger]

Dr Hanna: It appears you, along with certain other exhibits here at the Sex-Arcade, is too willful for your own good. Alas that will only make you more popular. Many of our clients enjoy the unbroken subjects more. I expecct you will make us a lot of money, Diana. Jenny?

Jenny: Yes, doctor?

Dr. Hanna: Please take Diana to her quarters now. We will try having a more civilized conversation in one week’s time.

Jenny: Yes, doctor.

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