And here it is my friends, the new Sex-arcade project is a game! and this post marks the official launching of its Patreon campaign.

I’ve been working on this project for a year now, but unfortunately I could not make as much progress with it as I would like, my initial plan was to release it only when the first beta was done, but working only on my free time makes the development really slow.

And so last month I decided that if I ever want to get this game done, I would need to start working on it seriously, and that’s why I’m launching the patreon, with your support I would be able to take part of the time I spend with the illustrations and use it to work on the game.

During this month of December I will post here (and on my other galleries) 3 more pieces showing a bit of the progress I made so far, each one will be posted on a Saturday. If you like what you see, please  consider checking out the Patreon campaign, there I will be posting more material about the game, including videos where I explain each part of the development process, as well as animations, illustrations, a playable prototype and a Mini-game.

Here you can find a small FAQ about the game, I will keep updating it with the questions I get during the development.

I guess this is all for now, hope you guys enjoys this new project as much as I do! ^^