Hello my friends!
Its time for the first public update on how the Sex-Arcade game is looking so far. I will show bellow a few of the features that have been implemented in the game trough the last few months:

Dialogue System

1 - Hostess

Apart from the in-booth gameplay, the player will also be able to interact with subjects and sex-arcade employees, for this we would need a “branching dialogue system”. This was one of the aspects of the game that I had most difficult so far, it involves mainly coding and that’s something I’m not as experienced as drawing, but in the end the system works and is fully implemented in the game. (the “dialogue system” is implemented and functional, but not the actual final dialogues).
* The illustration and animation show above is temporary, the artwork for npcs and other characters will be as polished as for the subjects.


Booth Interface

2 - new room

The interface of the booth area was refined and polished for a more smooth and intuitive gameplay.


Drag’n drop system

4 - interactable itens   4 - remove items

The “drag’n drop” system for adding and removing “toys” from the subjects was also refined and polished. Attaching items like the ball-gag, blindfold, etc feels much more interactive and responsive now.

3 - blindfold   3 - ringgag


Also, the actual attaching of the items is now a bit more interesting. After dragging the item for the correct area of the subject, the player has to complete a simple QTE in order to permanently attach the item.

5 - analplug   5 - whip



Sex Animation loops and cycles

7 - speed 1  7 - speed 2  7 - speed 3


New animations were made and implemented, now we have a complete cycle for the sex animation,  starting with the penetration, then slow/medium and fast speed, and finishing with the climax. The animation for the actual cum-shot is not implemented yet, however it will be implemented next month as well as the animation-cycle for the anal version.


New character added – Korra

7 - sub korra 7 - sub powergirl

A new character was added to the game, Korra. So far not all the features the work for Power-girl work for Korra too, but we can already see that the animations and other assets can be exchange between the characters in the game. The adding of Korra was decided via polls voted by my patrons, the final game will have many other characters that will also be voted during the development of the game.

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