Ok, first of all, this is not the Sex-Arcade Game! this important to be clear, the SA:Game will be nothing like this mini-game, they are completely different games, different game-play, different artwork, different everything.

That being said, what is this mini-game? It is just a test game I did to apply the knowledge I got in the months I spent learning to code. One of the tutorials I did  teaches how to make a breakout game, so I thought that instead of just making a generic game, why not put a hentai element to it and make things more fun!? and so this Mini-game came to be.

By playing it you can unlock 3 new illustrations not posted anywhere else, both clean and messy version, so if you are interest, consider joining the patreon campaign and download the game!

But! if you don’t want to join the patreon but still want to play the game, don’t worry, as with my illustrations, this mini-game will be released for everyone to download it for free, the Patreon exclusivity is just temporary. 

Here you can find a small FAQ about the game, I will keep updating it with the questions I get during the development.

Also, the new illustration update will be posted in a few hours ^^