Subject: Rangiku
Occupation: Shinigami
Hourly Charge: $ 300.00
Acquisition Date: 10/05/2015
Acquisition Level: Medium

– Sex-Arcade: The V.I.P – Part 01
– Sex-Arcade: The V.I.P – Part 03

Sex-Arcade: The V.I.P – Part 02

Ally notified me Rangiku would be arriving shortly, just as I had ordered her, like the most prompt and efficient pizza delivery ever – not the most tactful analogy to be using about another person, but it was fitting. My initial nervousness was gone like morning dew before the sun, replaced by eager glee amplified by the twitching of my cock, currently being licked all over by my enthusiastic hostess.
“Could you take your top off?” I asked her, running my hand through her hair.
“Certainly,” she grinned, giving my cockhead a parting kiss as she sat up on her knees, pushing her chest towards me. With a single move, she tore the white top off, freeing her big boobs. They rippled delightfully when the fabric was torn off them, settling in their natural position before long. She had a gorgeously fit body, and while I did want to see her completely naked, that she now only wore a thong, thigh-highs, elbow-gloves and a collar gave her too sexy a look to discard.
“Wanna touch?” she giggled sensually, putting her hands on my waist and pushing her torso closer to me, pressing the tits together with her upper arms.
“Certainly,” I mirrored her, smirking as widely as she did. Starting at her thighs, my fingers drew trails over her hips and across her tight belly before they wrapped around her big mounds of wondrous softness, flicking my thumbs against her hardened nipples.
Ally bit her lip at my touches, giving me a suggestive smile. Despite having strict guidelines to make a VIP feel like a proper VIP, that did not mean the hostess couldn’t enjoy having her body played with. In fact, ever since she had locked her lips round my manhood she had grown quite wet between her thighs.
She leaned closer, and I immediately agreed to her wordless suggestion. My mouth closed on her nipple, sucking gently, flicking my tongue against it inside my mouth, making her shudder. She sighed in pleasure, one of her hands caressing my hair and the other rubbing my chest.
“I’m glad I picked you,” I said with a smile as my mouth switched nipples, my hands rubbing and pushing on the heavy boobs.
“Me too,” she licked her lips. It was something she always said whenever she accompanied a client, like a good hostess should, but this was one of the few times where she actually meant it. After all, her current client was good-looking and, unlike too many other clients, well behaved and kind. It made her want do something special, and for once not just to get a nice tip at the end of the session.
As if to emphasize this to herself, her hand on my chest slid down my belly, taking a firm grip of my still saliva-soaked cock, gently stroking it while I feasted on her breasts.
While she had decided that she could easily have entertained her client by herself for the next five hours, being a dominant bisexual at heart, she was never able not to look forward to playing with the slavegirls together with the client. She wondered, as I ran my mouth all over her mammaries, what I would ask her to do with the slaves, and hoped that I would ask her of things that would appease her wicked side. She recalled, with a big smile, the session with another VIP client last week, where she had been asked to fuck Ada Wong with a thick strap-on whilst simultaneously whipping her tits as the client fucked Ada’s throat hard and wild. It had been a fun day, and she could still hear the entertaining sounds as Ada struggled to both gag on the client’s cock and scream when the lash hit her breasts.
She was even wetter now, and hadn’t noticed she had started piston-pumping my cock faster.
When she was about to lean down and reacquaint her mouth with my cock to thank me for turning her on so much, a light above the chamber’s door signalled the requested girl had arrived and that the door would soon open.


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Story by J-Cal!
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