– Sex-Arcade: The V.I.P – Part 01
– Sex-Arcade: The V.I.P – Part 02

Sex-Arcade: The V.I.P – Part 03

We had had a lot of fun. After fucking Rangiku’s throat – Ally helping out by kneeling behind the Shinigami and forcing her head forward to swallow more of my rod – a couple of times followed by another round between her massive boobs, I stood back for a little break and asked Ally to bring a whip down on the slave. Only too happy to oblige, the hostess selected a riding-crop and lashed the ginger’s tits, inner thighs and back over and over, her gagged moans great entertainment to us both.

It had been close to two hours when the Sex-Arcade employees, at my request, came and took a very ruffled and cum-spattered Rangiku away. The hostess arriving with the security women asked me if the subject had been to my liking, and upon hearing my positive response, asked me that when my time in the Sex-Arcade was over if I would be interested in filling out a short review about any or all of the girls I had been with. I agreed, and the hostess smiled and told me to be sure to include why I picked the girls I did, what I did to them, if they behaved as expected, and if I – hypothetically – would want to order them again. It was very clear that the Sex-Arcade took customer satisfactions seriously, and the reviews, she explained, would help other clients make their choices.

They took Rangiku and left, and Ally pushed me playfully down on the couch and handed me the tablet. “Let’s find another toy,” she smirked, kneeling between my legs and proceeded to give me a rimjob whilst she stroked my still lube-coated cock.

I felt elated after my first girl in the Sex-Arcade, and was anything but finished. While my wondrous and sexy hostess tongued and stroked me expertly, I started flicking through the listings. Most of the girls I found I was more than willing to order, but I reminded myself that I had just over three and a half hours left, and it would be a very long while until I could afford to come back, so I had to choose carefully.

The “recommended” tab went on endlessly, I was truly spoiled for choice. But then I had an idea, as I groaned by the pleasures, Ally giggling between my thighs. I tapped into the “reviews” section and were presented with a substantial amount of choices as what to look for. In the search subsection, I checked the “unbroken” and “above average vaginal tightness” boxes and hit the “search” button. The first result, with an impressive 97% approval rating, was my next choice.

Maya, the Siren of the Borderlands-universe became reserved for me, but she was currently “in use”, so the tablet informed me she would be delivered as soon as the current client was done with her, and after she had been thoroughly cleaned and dressed.

Fine with the wait, having no reservations about more private time with my unbelievable hostess, I started deciding how I wanted Maya to be delivered. Knowing how I wanted to start, I selected a ring-gag for her. Next, I picked a simple pole for Maya to be tied to, strung up by her wrists, feet kept apart and bound by the ankles. To add a bit of humiliation, I decided that her top should be pulled down when she arrived so that her tits were already on display, and I also decided to have the crotch of her pants torn upon delivery.

The beeping noise from the tab confirming my order had Ally look up, barely catching a glimpse at the subject’s portrait before the screen blanked. “Oh, Maya, she’s such a fun one.” She locked her lips around my balls, and started giving them the best tonsil-wash I had ever received, making me wince with mixed pleasure and slight pain when she sucked them hard.


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Story by J-Cal!
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