Hey Guys! This is the first of a new “series” of pics I will be doing. Every few weeks I will do a non-Sex Arcade pic, it will still be bondage/non-consensual related, but it will be different from the SA-pics, different themes, different settings, original characters, all the fun stuff XD These pics still will be voted by my patrons, but instead of voting for what female character should be add to the Sex-Arcade series, they will vote for what “scene” I should illustrate, the idea for this pic was:

“Scene 03 QUEEN: A fallen queen on her knees with an angry face, torn clothes, covered in cum, surrounded by plebeian dicks.”

Hope you guys like this new series as much as the Sex-Arcade! XD

The Fallen Queen

“Long ago, when the boundary divisions of the realm were quite different, there was a dying kingdom with an old king. His throne sat in a fortress that slowly sunk into the soil. See, the land itself was diseased, sapping the life out of his subjects. Well, the common folk suffered. Water for a single day cost more than an entire working family could make in a week.

“The king remained in his fortress, shielded, at least for a time, from the decay overtaking his land. When the neighboring kingdoms threatened to cease trade, he was finally forced to take action. He had the commoners dig to find the source of disease. Then he had an alchemist inspect the soil. The experiments he conducted yielded no solutions, leaving the king at a loss.

“However, one day the folk awoke to a blinding heat. Something had set the land itself ablaze in an inferno that raged from end of the horizon to the other. The folk had nothing to extinguish the fire so it raged on, towering over even the tallest buildings. Days, weeks passed. The good, gods-fearing people recognized it as the herald of damnation. They besought their sovereign to appease the gods, but were thwarted.

“In that time of great fire, a dark, robed figure came to his court, offering a solution to the ailment. They refused to speak before his nobles, however, so the King brought the figure to his personal study. In private, the figure revealed itself to be a sorceress, a real blackbitch. She told him she would heal his land, only if he sired a child with her and named the spawn his successor. The old king was foolish and sought to restore his reputation so he agreed.

“From that one night, she conceived. With a sneer on her lips, she did as she promised. She then seized a part of the fortress for her own. None of the servants saw her during the day, but wicked sounds could be heard far across the land at night. There were screams and cackles, none of which were the whore’s. In fact, as her due date neared, she seemed to disappear entirely.

“When the time came, the sounds stopped. It was days before a brave man ventured into those dark chambers to find the bastard she had expelled from her womb. The babe merely giggled upon seeing the man, sat upon her mother’s blood soaked robe. The whore was nowhere to be found and searches of the area for an explanation of the ghastly presence that had haunted the people for months proved to be fruitless.

“Fearing the wrath of the grotesque elements her mother had invoked, the king took the babe in and raised her as his own. In the years that followed, the land became fertile again and the common folk could trade freely. Even some of the good people allowed themselves to be seduced by the semblance of peace and prosperity. They believed the time of hardship had passed.

“Some nobles claim it was natural causes, but the ever faithful know the real story. The old king suddenly died on the same day the bitch began to bleed. The fool had instructed her how to rule and allowed her to observe his court from a young age, despite the oft expressed apprehension of his nobles. As he grew weak, decrepit, she learned how to control his subjects to further her own agenda. While he took to being bedridden in his final months, tales of her deception, her whoring, her malice spread throughout the kingdom and then beyond into the neighboring lands.

“It was known that any time she actually did visit him, she did not weep. She rejected consolation. Instead, she removed the acting regent and took her father’s place on the throne. Even before being crowned officially, she lorded over the common folk, holding trials and ordering executions of those that opposed her.

“Then came the day of her bleeding. She sat upon the throne in a light dress. At first only one or two people noticed, but as the crimson stain grew in her lap, leaking onto the floor, the nobles pleaded for her to leave the room. She laughed and unfolded her legs, commanding the nobles to continue the proceedings. When the common folk were sent home for the day, she went directly to the king’s chambers. He died later that night.


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Story by Syrrea!
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