Part four of the new Fallout series! And again with the amazing story written by our friend J-cal. Enjoy.

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The New Owner Part 4 – New Arrival

They fucked for over an hour, changing positions, restraints, gags and games. The Lone Wanderer’s new owner was virile and insatiable indeed, able to keep going even after half a dozen orgasms in relative quick succession, depriving the young redhead of any hope of rest within a reasonable amount of time. She had been forced to orgasm several times as well, each cacophony of pleasure another notch on her shameful surrender.
After a little while, though, the young man withdrew his still throbbing cock from his new property’s ravaged womanhood, dripping in all juices available.
“I think we need some refreshments.” He stated, slapping her on her already reddened ass before he stepped out of the room, the vault door sliding shut after him. The Lone Wanderer was now bound with her hands on her back, leather restraints at her elbows and wrists, and the metal ring of her collar was attached to a hook in the floor, leaving her on her knees with her ass in the air and her face against the cold floor. A leather cuff attached to each other on each of her ankles ensured her legs were restricted in movement as well.
The man returned shortly after, a bottle of water in his hand, and even from this position she could make out his face, her ability to know what to look for telling her that he had helped himself to a good drink already.
He knelt down, his naked, sweaty muscles briefly brushing against her, and undid the hook holding the Wanderer’s collar to the floor, letting her sit up on her knees. With a dextrous move of one hand, he undid the fat red gag in her mouth, letting it dangle around her neck like a fetish-necklace, and offered her the opened bottle of purified water.
The girl, originally hailing from Vault 101, had half a mind not to drink the water as a sign of defiance – a useless gesture, no doubt – but she had not had any water today and her body was begging for it. So she locked her lips on the bottle and let her “owner” feed it to her, and she wolfed down the refreshing coolness within seconds.
“That’s my girl.” He said, almost affectionately, as he tossed the empty bottle aside. He was not entirely without compassion. He had after all paid good caps for this trained sex-slave, and being the absolute best catch at the entire auction, he was not about to use her once then dispose of her, like some of the more… “hardcore” clients of the slavers were known for. No, he had procured this lovely redhead and intended to keep her, and the only way to do that was make sure she was healthy and fed.
That didn’t mean he was not going to play rough, the only way he knew how to.
Standing up, grabbing his human-property by the hair in the back of her head, he stood up in front of her, revealing that yes, his cock was still rock-hard and ready.
“You gave such awesome head in the car coming here, that I think we need to do it again.” He said, slapping his hard rod on the Wanderer’s face, running it all over her. “And please,” he added with some warning in his tone. “Do not make me tell you what might happen if I feel your teeth on me…”
The young woman from the Capital Wasteland had no illusion that this man would indeed be both swift and merciless should she try to bite his dick off – tempted though she was – and merely remembering some of the creative punishments she had endured at the hands of her “training” by the slavers gave her cause not to try anything. Swallowing, having no other option at the moment, she opened her mouth like the obedient slave she had been taught to be, and the hard cock came sliding in not a second after.
“Now suck, and whatever you do, do not pull away and do not bite down, yes?” he said with a smile, one hand still holding her by the back of her head
She obeyed, applying suction to his cock – finding it to taste of her own juices, which was no surprise – sliding it slowly into her mouth and working her tongue on it, doing everything she had been taught to in order to please a man. After all, the better she was, the more trouble she might stay out of.
She made her owner grunt and moan, slowly taking more and more of his long shaft into her tight mouth, but after a little while it seemed his lusts got the better of him
“Let’s test-drive this throat of yours for real.” He said with a wicked grin, grabbing her head with both hands and shifting his position slightly. Then, without any kind of warning, he started fucking her mouth, slowly at first, but it didn’t take long before the strokes were long and fast, forcing her head all the way down until her nose pressed up against his belly and his cock was in her throat.
He fucked her face gleefully, delighting in the gagging sounds she made and the ever increasing amounts of spit and drool forming on her chin and on his balls. Her eyes were starting to water quite a bit as he probed her throat, but she kept eye-contact with him like she had been taught to.
Such a nice submissive look to her, he though, looking at her pretty face as he dicked it good. He really did buy the absolute catch on the auction, though there were so many pretty girls for sale there.
In that moment the door the Lone Wanderer was facing away from opened, but she did not hear the hushed sound over her own loud gags and the slapping of her owner’s inner thighs against her cheeks. He barely had time to acknowledge the person who had opened the door, so good did his new girl’s mouth feel, but he gave a curt nod that went unobserved by his fuck-toy as she had to blink to keep the tears away from her vision.
Looking past the opened door, the sight of the new arrivals on their knees, hands strung up and naked, waiting his inspection got him even harder, if that was even possible considering how good the warm throat of the Lone Wanderer felt. He fucked her face harder and harder, looking at his other slaves and looking forward to testing them, but quickly changed his gaze back to the teared-up blue eyes of the redhead as he finally came, shooting his hot, thick cum straight down her throat as he held her head down on his shaft, making her gag again, and only after his orgasm had receded and the Wanderer’s eyes were about to roll back in her head did he let her head go, pulling his saliva-coated cock out to let her heave for air.
“Such a good girl… But I am not done with you yet.” He said, but the redhead did not know what he was referencing, and even if she had looked behind her she would be none the wiser, for the door had silently slid shut again.