Part five of the new Fallout series! And again with the amazing story written by our friend J-cal.
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The New Owner Part 5 – Best Ever

He grabbed his little slave by her red hair and “helped” her stand up, her knees aching from sitting on the hard vault-floor. His mind was still going through some of his many plans for the other girls – the Brotherhood bitch in particular, as he knew from the slavers was quite unruly and prone to disobedience. Not a problem for him, really, that just gave him an excuse to play rough – but he still had one thing he had to do with the Lone Wanderer. She was, after all, his prize toy.
“Come with me.” He said jokingly, not giving her any choice as he grabbed her by her bound arm and led her through the other door in this room – the one that did not lead to the three women who had just announced their presence while his cock was deep in the redhead’s throat.
This room was small, and being quite familiar with the layout of many of the great Vaults, the Lone Wanderer assumed that this particular chamber had been someone’s bedroom judging by the small size and cramped feel. There was a bed in the room, but it was not Vault-Tec standard, and while there were some dressers lining the walls, somehow she knew they did not contain clothes.
Where does he get all of his stuff? She wondered, knowing that many things he had engineered himself, but there was too much around his private vault that looked like pristine pre-war tech.
“On you go.” He said gleefully, pushing her onto the small bed, then rolled her on her back. “Don’t move, now.” He added, all the semblance of a threat hidden in his tone. He fished out some cuffs hanging under the bed that were attached to chains, that again were attached to the frame of the bed under the mattress, and secured them around the Lone Wanderer’s ankles. Next he undid the bindings on her arms and – almost surprised to find no resistance from her at all – restrained her wrists similarly, having her naked body spread-eagle on the small bed.
He subconsciously bit his lip, seeing her body displayed so. She had been naked ever since he bought her – best caps he ever spent, he thought – but the sublimity of her body was something to appreciate at all times. That sweet, almost innocent-looking face – which did not betray her exploits in the Wasteland. Put a gun in her hand and he knew she was a very dangerous girl indeed – her tight little flat belly, the hips and her thighs, and not to mention her large, perfect breasts. The latter about to receive his full attention for a while.
“Do I need to put that in?” he asked, gesturing to the gag still hanging around her neck.
After an uncertain silence, she replied “No.”
“No, what?” he said sternly, grabbing her chin and looking into her deep blue eyes.
“No… master.” She said, looking away embarrassed.
“Very good.” He smiled. “And don’t forget it.”
He walked over to one of the dressers to fetch something, and for a rare moment, the Lone Wanderer took a moment to consider her new owner. It was no getting around the fact that she had been sold into sexual slavery. Being captured by the slaver girls over a year ago was the first and last mistake she had made ever since escaping from Vault 101 in pursuit of her father, but she knew better than most that in the Wasteland, a single mistake was all it took. However, she had an unusually strong mind, she knew, and as the slavers had not broken her, neither would this guy. She knew it was easier just to play along and do as one was told. After all, though she was loathe to admit it, this guy was hardly ugly, with a fit body that was clearly used to the hardships of the world. His face was handsome, and for his undisputed mastery over her, so far he was a puppy-dog compared to some of the slavers she had been worked by.
“After all,” he continued as he came back with something in his hands. “Obedient girls are rewarded.” He showed her a small egg-shaped vibrator, and he placed it on her clit, taping it in place before switching it on.
“Now we can both have some fun, yes?”
“Yes master.” She affirmed, and the sweet submissive tone to her voice was – together with her fantastic body – all he needed to get rock hard again. That a few gasps escaped her moist lips at the vibrations between her legs was just a bonus.
He smiled at her, the way an owner smiled to their favoured slave, and reached out to grab and play with her breasts.
“Your titties were definitely the best at the whole slavegirl auction.” He said, pinching the hard nipples, being rewarded with a wince. “Just two of many reasons why I had to buy you.”
He stepped closer to her face, grabbing his cock and offering it up to her. “And I intend to show them how much I like them, so make sure my cock is nice and lubed-up, slave.”
“Yes master.” She responded like the good slave she was, – or pretended to be – and proceeded to coat his hard cock with her saliva by sucking and licking all over, while the vibrator taped to her clit also did a good job at wetting her womanhood. Once her owner was satisfied, he pulled his cock away from her face.
Before climbing onto the bed and straddling her fit belly, he switched the vibrator between her legs on “high”, placing his cock in her cleavage and used his hands to tighten her boobs on him.
“Better get used to feeling my hard cock between your tits, slave. I will be doing it a lot.” He smiled, then started fucking them. “Let’s see who cums first!”
The Lone Wanderer gritted her teeth from the increased stimulation on her clit, as her owner’s warm, hard shaft stroked between her breasts. She was quite aware that she could orgasm fairly easily, a fact that had amused the slavers to no end during her “training”, and as a slave there was rarely a prize for cumming first.
After a few minutes her owner was panting and grinning, enjoying the titfuck so. And she was also groaning softly, the sensations of her body making her fists clench, and in another couple of minutes she was pushed over the edge.
“Master I… I’m cuh…. Cuuuhmmmmmmmm….!” She tried communicating, expecting that her owner would want her to prove his ownership over her by informing when she was having an orgasm – assuming she wasn’t gagged and therefore unable to speak – but he was so close to cumming himself that he did not acknowledge her. And sure enough, after another half-dozen thrusts into the tight valley of her boobs, he came with a roar, spraying his thick seed all over the Lone Wanderer’s face, in her hair and in her open mouth, fucking her breasts all through his own bliss.
“Best tits ever!” he proclaimed after coming back down from the high, looking down at his slave so beautifully marked by his semen.