Part six of the new Fallout series! And again with the amazing story written by our friend J-cal.

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The New Owner Part 6 – Ass of Steel

Leaving the room, content with that the restrained redhead would be kept busy and entertained by the vibrator he had “forgotten” to take off her, he strolled down several corridors of his resurrected Vault until he came to his private room – from this day on going to be shared by one more than just his purchased slaves. The night was still young, and while he had plenty of energy left, he decided to take a breather and a quick shower before proceeding.
He stepped into the closet of his chamber that he had converted to a shower-room, turned on the soothingly warm water and stepped in. Ten minutes later he stepped back out, towelled himself off and left the room, as naked now as when he had arrived. After all, he hadn’t spent three years perfecting his Vault and acquiring the funds necessary to “furnish” it with enough entertainment that he would scarcely have to see the Wasteland ever again. And for his choice entertainment, no clothing was necessary.
Knowing what his partner had prepared for him – and that she would be seeing to the redhead before the vibrator plunged her into hypersensitive-orgasmic unconsciousness – he made his way to another of the many prepared playrooms of his pristine complex-home, and grinned from ear to ear when he walked into it.
Wrists hanging by cuffs attached to the ceiling, legs forcibly spread, the Brotherhood girl stood bent over, secured and prepared like his partner had promised. A fat ball-gag kept her sufficiently quiet, and around her neck was a collar similar to that of the Lone Wanderer, marking her as her owner’s property.
“I have always wanted to fuck a girl from the Brotherhood of Steel.” He said smilingly as he walked into the room. The girl said nothing, but her eyes promised a brutal death if not for her restraints.
Unlike the redhead and the blonde Ranger, the Brotherhood girl was far from trained but at all. She was dangerous and had to be kept on a tight leash.     He knew he could not expect her to suck him off without biting his cock off, so when he wanted to fuck her face he’d have to ring-gag her first. And for too many other reasons he had to be careful around her, making sure the restraints held her and kept her from lashing out.
The Brotherhood girl was also different in many other ways from his other two girls. While his other girls were athletic and fit, they weren’t nearly as muscular as this one. While too much muscle robbed a girl of her femininity, the Brotherhood girl was muscular in a way that still didn’t make her body too butch. And it was something he found very sexy on her. He had no doubt that should she get loose, she would be a problem, and as a former Knight of the Brotherhood, she would be well capable of kicking his ass if presented with the opportunity to do so.
But he would be careful. So whenever he was with her, he would just relish in doing whatever he wanted to and with her.
He grabbed one of her firm ass-cheeks with one hand, and fondled her large breasts with the other. He was glad the rigorous training program of the Brotherhood hadn’t removed the best fat from her body, and he squeezed a boob as he landed a hard smack on her ass.
“It is probably not a clever joke, but you do have an Ass of Steel.” He snickered.
She let out a low growl, her body tense as if ready to pounce. She wouldn’t be able to do much in her position.
“I know you are not a good, obedient girl, and perhaps you never will be, but that is fine with me.” He said teasingly, running his hand over the tattoo on her right thigh, and then reached for a wand-vibrator and a dildo. “I can make you ready for me in many, many ways.”
He spent a good twenty minutes playing with her, using the wand on her clit and pussy and the vibrating dildo in her ass, forcing her to orgasm twice.     She was remarkably good at resisting the sensations and staying silent, yet the odd grunt and moan did escape her, especially towards and after the second orgasm. Her womanhood was dripping with natural female lube now, and despite her strong mental resistance, her body had only done as her captor wanted.
“See? You are as ready as you will ever be now!”
He stepped behind her and sank his rock-hard cock into her, and now she put up more of a struggle, for all the good it did her. It made him smile, and he groaned when he was fully inserted into her.
“For as you well know,” he began moving his hips, setting a slow but hard pace of fucking. “You are my fucktoy now. Obedient or no.”
He grabbed her by the hip and shoulder, fucking her from behind and delighting in the warm tightness of her pussy. She growled at him, trying to communicate what he guessed were obscenities, yet succeeded only in producing more drool escaping from between lip and gag.
“I kind of like it when you try to struggle.” He laughed. “It makes you thrust against my crotch.”
This sort of mocking did not dissuade the warrior-woman, yet it did not take too long before her grunts of anger and struggle began to soften, to change into moans of carnal pleasure that only made her struggle harder.
“I know, slave, I am so good.” He grinned, landing a hard slap on both cheeks of her tight ass. “I’ll make you feel even better.”
He sped up, his rhythm increasing, forcing himself on her with lust and gusto, making his reluctant little possession even angrier yet more a slave to the sensations of her pussy. He was starting to feel really good as well, as the muscles inside her womanhood only made her already tight hole even tighter, massaging and stroking his meat with every stroke.
“Your days as a high and mighty Brotherhood bitch are over, girl.” He gripped both of her hips tightly and increased the tempo of his fucking even more, groaning and panting as he did. “Now let’s cum together!”
The Brotherhood girl was completely unable to offer any sort of resistance by this point. Her muscular body was covered in sweat, trembling slightly, weak of knees and standing on the precipice of another orgasm. When her damned captor sped up even more, she was pushed over, and damn him to hell, she came again.
Hearing his reluctant plaything groan so sweetly – so submissively – was all he needed to finish himself off, and whilst listening to her struggling against the forced pleasure, he came deep inside of  her, holding her by the hips and pulling her against him.
As they stood panting and sweating after coming down from their bodily highs, he reached around her – his cock still throbbing inside her pussy – and grabbed her tits. After she offered up a weak growling warning, he whispered “I sure hope you don’t think we are done yet.”