Part seven of the new Fallout series! And again with the amazing story written by our friend J-cal

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The New Owner Part 7 – Bad Girls

He fucked her until they both came again, pouring his seed deep into that sweet, tight pussy, but still he didn’t stop fucking her. His hands never tired of feeling up his captive’s sweaty, tight body, touching her muscles toned from years and years of rigorous combat training and walking about in power armour.
The slavers had told him that the only reason they had been able to capture a member of the Brotherhood of Steel was that they happened upon a battleground where a group of Brotherhood warriors had just clashed with a group of Super Mutants. The Brotherhood girl was isolated from her colleagues, repairing a joint on the breastplate of her power armour that had taken some rounds during the fight. As such she had been out of her armour and, when the scouting slavers were satisfied that the remaining Brotherhood Knights were busy scavenging the fallen Super Mutants for ammunition and other valuables, had jumped the girl and hit her with a stun-gun before she had time to cry out. Knowing they had just bagged themselves a rare and exquisite slave, the slavers had hurried off with the unconscious girl.
Just thinking about it, and how the Brotherhood bitch must be feeling being changed from a proud warrior-woman to be his fucktoy, and feeling her tight, sculpted body in his hands made him cum again, and he groaned as he felt the orgasm wash over him, his hands helping themselves to his slave’s big boobs as he did.
Despite her obvious fatigue from the stress her pose forced on her body, the Brotherhood girl never stopped trying to resist, even though it must have been quite clear to her that she could do nothing to keep her captor from doing as he pleased. She seemed to grunt the loudest when he came inside her, as if she was worried about getting pregnant. But no chance of that, he thought, as the Vault’s water-supply was laced with pre-war anti-pregnancy chems, the sole purpose of which was to prevent that from happening. He had not built this Vault to juggle a gaggle of unwanted toddlers.
Amused though he was by her relentless resistance – and despite being turned on by it – a fighting slavegirl had to learn that it was not her place to fight her master.
“Though I like it when you try to fight me off,” he pulled out of her warm, snug pussy, reaching into a nearby drawer for some rope. After all this was a slave he had to be careful around until she was firmly broken and trained. “I know someone who likes disobedience even more, because that means she gets to dish out some discipline.”
He tied a length of rope around her legs just above the knees tightly, then swapped her ankle-cuffs for another length of rope. Binding more rope around her already cuffed wrists, he gradually slacked the chain on the cuffs as he got her hands behind her head, binding the wrists with rope to the back of her collar. Naturally she resisted thrice as hard when he was working on her, but despite her strength, she was still bound, and her captor was no weakling either. For all her attempts, she still wound up just as her captor wanted.
“Let’s go, power-tits,” he said with a grin, leading her on by a leash he attached to the front of her collar. If she wanted not to fall flat on her face, she had no choice but to tiptoe after him.

They entered another room of the Vault, where the other three occupants were already busy playing. The Slaver-girl, his partner in this Vault and his new liaison between himself and the slavers he had bought his girls from, was standing in the room with the Lone Wanderer and the Ranger kneeling on either side of her. The redhead, arms bound behind her around the wrists and above the elbows, was eating the Slaver’s pussy, and the similarly bound blonde was tonguing the Slaver’s asshole.
The white-haired Slaver was flushed and sweaty, smiling with an open mouth as her toys were licking her to another orgasm, one hand on each of their head.
“Mmhm, good girls…” she groaned when she descended from the peak, and locked eyes with the only male in the Vault.
“My love,” she cooed, walking over to him and embraced him with a kiss, her big tits pressing against him. “Have you come to join us before bed?”
The Slaver was now living here with him as part of a deal he had made with the slavers he had bought his three slaves from. He had met with their group on several occasions before attending the slavegirl auction to buy equipment for the Vault he was renovating, and to show appreciation for his continued patronage, the slavers had let him sample a slavegirl on every visit any way he wanted. On his latest visit before the auction he had been with the Ranger, and her oral skills and submissive nature were so convincing her had decided that he definitely would have to buy her.
Nearly a year later, just coming up on the auction, the slavers had informed him that he simply had to buy the Lone Wanderer as she was as if custom made to his likes, and also that they were going to sell a former member of the Brotherhood of Steel.
And, the slavers had said, if he bought two or more girls at the auction, he would be permitted to take with him the Slaver girl he had fallen for during his visits to their Vault. Knowing first-hand how amazing the snow-tressed and busty girl was, and knowing she had fallen for him too, he agreed. He bought the Lone Wanderer, the Ranger and the Brotherhood girl and got to take his lover with him as well to his new Vault, where he promised the slavers he would fuck them all silly every day. And when he told the slavers they were welcome to his Vault at any time to partake in their former slaves, they reimbursed him for nearly a third of what he had paid for the slaves.
“In a way,” he said after pulling away from the kiss, and tugged hard on the leash to make the Brotherhood girl stumble into the room. “As predicted, this one needs another lesson in obedience.”
The Slaver smiled, biting her lip as she took the leash from her lover’s hand. “Allow me, baby.”
On the floor in the room sat a small machine with a big dildo in it, and while the Brotherhood girl had registered it and was trying to keep herself from being dragged over to it, she was even more helpless battling both her bonds and her two captors. With practiced ease the two of them got her situated and secured on the machine, and at the touch of the button it raised from the floor a bit. When it was fully erected, the Slaver and the Owner undid the rope on her wrists, only to clasp another pair of cuffs on them attached to a chain hanging from the roof.
Naturally, the Slaver had worked on the Brotherhood girl many times before she had been sold to her lover, but she never tired of this particular slave because of her perpetual resistance, which meant that she got to punish the former warrior-woman a lot.
And the Slaver did enjoy disciplining slavegirls.
Standing behind her, the Owner reached around to grab the black-haired slave’s big tits. “You probably know what is coming, and it probably will not make you behave as a good little slut should, but we are still going to enjoy it.”
“Oh yes we are,” the Slaver said as she worked the dials on the front of the Brotherhood girl’s chair, which got the dildo starting to vibrate and thrust in and out of her. The machine was one of many the Owner had bought from the slavers, and having learned a thing or two from restoring his own Vault, he recognized that several parts of the machine had been built using various Vault-Tec bits, like the dial and hydraulics of a vault-door.
The Slaver found her panties – left on the floor where she had tossed them earlier – and put them back on, then went over to a nearby wall to fetch some appropriate tools to use on her new plaything.
“Have fun, baby,” he gave his love a playful smack on the ass, then moved to sit down in a legless couch which would give him pristine view of the proceedings.
The Lone Wanderer and the Ranger sat silent and obediently on their knees, watching with some horror at the situation in which the Brotherhood girl found herself in.
“That’s right, slaves,” the Slaver noticed their looks. “This is what happens to bad girls.”
The white-haired dominatrix raised her hand high, and set about lashing the Brotherhood girl’s shapely ass, satisfying “crack”-ing sounds filling the room as the leather struck skin.
“Correct,” the Owner said to his other slaves who, wisely, shifted their attention to him. “And if the two of you do not wish to be similarly disciplined, I suggest you get your tight little asses over to me right now.”
The Lone Wanderer had long since learned that if she was helpless to make her escape, it was best to do as she was told to make it easier on herself. What the blonde girl’s perspective was she had no idea, as she hadn’t had a chance to speak with the Ranger yet, but to the Wanderer she seemed naturally submissive. That, or the slavers had done a good job in breaking her will back in their Vault.
Naturally, the Wanderer had recognized the Slaver at once. While she was but one of many slavers in that Vault, this white-haired woman had often been in charge of the redhead’s evening sessions, and if there was one thing the Lone Wanderer remembered from her year in that Vault, it was those evening sessions.
They walked on their knees over to their Owner who sat with his legs spread wide, and it took no sense of imagination to figure out where he wanted the two of them to sit.
“Are you two good girls?” he asked, grabbing the shaft of his already hard cock.
“Yes master,” both of them affirmed, pained grunts coming from behind them following every whip.
“Good,” he grinned, and grabbed the back of their heads. “Then prove it.”
He pulled the Ranger towards his cockhead, and she immediately locked her lips around it, and the Lone Wanderer he brought down to his balls, which she began to suckle on with just the right amount of pressure.
“I expect you to both suck and lick,” he told the Lone Wanderer. While the redhead was his favourite slave so far, he knew the Ranger’s oral skills were perfect, and that she needed no guidance from him. The Wanderer, however, he would have to make sure to train to do what he liked.
“Yes, master,” she said between slurps, and did as she was ordered.
As his slaves got busy giving head, coating his manhood in delicious warm saliva, he leaned back on the couch’s reclined back and relaxed, enjoying the show of two hot sluts using their mouths on him while the Brotherhood girl got her lesson in obedience.
This right here, he thought, was exactly why he had set about building the Vault of his dreams. Two submissive slavegirls expertly sucking him off whilst watching his loving but rough girlfriend whip a third slavegirl who was also being forcefully machine-fucked.
This was all of their new lives now, and while the Brotherhood girl clearly was not accepting her new life yet, he wondered if she had considered how much better off she was here. All of them were safely locked away from the murderous wastelands beyond the thick door of the Vault. They had an endless supply of re-purifying water, a stockpile of food that would last them for three years before they would have to get more, they had warmth, soft beds and showers, everything you did not have in the irradiated wastes.
Yes, all any of them had to do was to fuck and enjoy themselves.
It did not take long for his slavegirls to start getting him close to orgasm, and watching his beautiful girlfriend whip the obstinate warrior-woman did not make him any less excited. She whipped each ass-cheek red, every now and again brandishing her whip as to crack against the Brotherhood girl’s tits, thighs and belly. The machine was fucking her hard and fast, and if her expressions were any indication, her body was torn between the pain and the building orgasm.
With a smile he noticed the Ranger deep-throat his cock all the way, and he used her hand to keep her down there.
“Suck harder,” he told the redhead, who complied immediately, sucking her master’s balls while his cock was buried in the blonde’s throat.
Tears were starting to stream out of the Ranger’s eyes, but she did not try to pull away, which was wise of her. After the Brotherhood girl had received four more whips he let her head go, and as an obedient slut she did not pull out all the way, instead she only pulled back so that the cockhead was still in her mouth while she caught her breath.
“Are your slaves treating you well, my love?” the Slaver asked, grinning as she swung her whip around for another strike on the black-haired girl’s tits.
“Yes, except the redhead is forgetting to alternate between treating my balls to both sucking and licking.”
With a knowing smile between himself and his lover, the Slaver cracked her whip on the Lone Wanderer’s ass. “Pay attention to what master tells you, slave.”
“Yes, mistress,” the Lone Wanderer said after a shocked yelp when she felt stinging pain from the whip.
“Now make master cum, I can tell he wants to,” she added and smiled at the Owner as she again focused on the Brotherhood girl, and when she noticed that her lashing-toy was cumming on the machine, she said “Oh my what a slut you are! I better speed the machine up if you like it so much!”
As the Slaver did as she said, making the machine fuck and vibrate even harder and faster, the Brotherhood girl began shuddering violently on the chair as post-orgasmic hypersensitivity started ravaging her body. This did not give her any respite from the Slaver’s whip, who happily kept lashing her.
The Ranger sped up the bobbing of her head as she steadily changed the pressure of her sucking, and together with the redhead she had shared the Vault of the slavers but never actually met until the auction, they made their new owner cum.
Still grabbing their heads, he moaned and shuddered, shooting his cum into the vacuum-like mouth of the blonde while the Wanderer gently used her mouth to tug on his balls.
The Ranger was still sucking after he finished cumming, and when he pulled her head away from his cock, she sat there waiting with her mouth full of cum like trained and obedient slave she was.
“Share with your girlfriend, blondie.” He told her and nodded towards the Lone Wanderer, who turned to face the Ranger.
Locking their lips together, they French kissed each other deeply, careful not to spill a drop of cum as the Slaver had warned them that to do so without permission would yield severe punishment.
As he watched his slaves swap his cum back and forth, the Brotherhood girl, who, under the knowing touches of the lash, was forced to yet another orgasm by the machine.
And then another.
And another.