Starting a new series! its kind of a sequel to “​Vault 69″ series, this one ​showing what happened to our heroine after  the slavers’ intensive training!
And it comes with the story ​written by our friend J-cal.

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The New Owner Part One – Slavegirl Auction

How long had it been? Time had seemed to blend and blur the longer she had been there, but she reckoned it was not an exaggeration to say she had been there for at least a full year. She sighed at that realization. Was it really a year since she had been captured by the slavers? She scoffed at the memory. She, who had been called “The Lone Wanderer” and who had united the Capital Wasteland and sent the self-righteous bastards of the Enclave packing, had been captured by a gang of female slavers. Embarrassing. That was certainly not what she’d state first in her list of many accomplishments.
And what a lovely group her captors were too. Not like the deranged raiders, not like the average outcasts, not even like some of the slaver groups she had heard made a living on the West Coast selling people off as labourers or forced warriors. No this group dealt only with one sort of merchandise. Sex slaves.
And the bitches took great pride in their “training program” as well. They had somehow found one of the great Vaults and restored it to working order, and had filled it with every piece of sexual machinery and toys known to man, and not a few that they had manufactured on their own. That Vault was where they had taken the Lone Wanderer after successfully knocking her out west of the Capital Wasteland during her travels, and her “training” had begun as soon as they had arrived in their Vault. Awakening restrained to a nefarious chair with a fat ball-gag in her mouth, the slavers had taken great joy in breaking in their new captive.
Every day several times a day, the slavers and their sex-machines took turns fucking the Lone Wanderer into submission, and while the treatment had been brutal to the point of exhaustion at times, she had never broken, which apparently made her all the more fun to play with, the slavers said. Forced orgasms, double penetrations, relentless fucking, sexual conditioning, hard bondage and forced lesbian sex with the slavers and other captives had been the Lone Wanderer’s life as her captors “trained” her to become a perfect little slave slut.
And now, a year later, the slavers had reluctantly decided to sell the Lone Wanderer off. Not because they weren’t sure she would net them a lot of caps, but rather because of all of their slavegirls, the Lone Wanderer was their favourite one to play with. But their greed won over, and the Lone Wanderer and eight other captives whose training was completed was brought to the outside world for the first time after their imprisonment.
And now they were here, in the middle of a ruined settlement the Lone Wanderer had heard the slavers say was always used when they had “merchandise” to sell. In what could have been some kind of town square was several raised platforms, one of which the Lone Wanderer was on with two other slaves, they were presented like the fine pieces of ass they were. They were completely naked, exposed to the harsh Wasteland sun, gagged and collared and shackled on their knees to tall poles on the platforms that had several monitors on the top.
The Lone Wanderer didn’t really know the girls on the same platform as her, but had obviously been forced into sexual situations with them several times during her “training” back in the slavers’ Vault. On her left was a black-haired muscular woman whose athletic looks didn’t rob her body of its femininity, and she knew that the woman was – or had been – a Knight in the Brotherhood of Steel, if the large tattoo of the Brotherhood’s emblem on her thigh wasn’t a good enough indication. On her right was a young blond girl who was one of the slavers’ most recent captives whom the Lone Wanderer didn’t know anything about save that she had overheard the slavers say she was a Ranger of the New California Republic from out west. The slavers had boasted on how this Ranger chick apparently had been very easy to capture, and how much fun they liked to have with the “do-gooders” of the world like Rangers and Brotherhood of Steel girls; in fact all those with bad karma enjoyed “playing” with those who fancied themselves better. The Ranger was also a natural when it came to sucking cock, according to the slavers, which they would make sure to announce during the auction.
Together with the other slaves on other platforms in the broken city, the Lone Wanderer had been shackled here hours ago as a few, then several dozen nefarious-looking people arrived. “Buyers”, the slavers called them. More and more of them came, and they all went from platform to platform, eying the naked girls with glee and evil looks, chattering excitedly amongst themselves as they made their minds up about which girls they would bid on and discussed out loud what they would do to them. There were men and women, young and older. They wore clothing from several different groups and factions, some clearly here on their own, but what they all had in common was, obviously, wealth. The Lone Wanderer even saw a young man with a Pip-Boy 3000 on his wrist, marking him as a Vault dweller, and she couldn’t help but wonder from where he hailed. She also saw a rich-looking ghoul in the crowd, and she shuddered at the thought that one of them might be sold to someone like him.
An hour later the “auction” began. The slavers were announcing each and every slave that was currently up for sale, explaining in detail what sex-training they had endured, what they were good at and how much they could take, and then an Eyebot – custom tailored to the slavers’ use – began taking bids as the monitors above the current slave for sale lit up, showing recorded images of her sex-training back in the vault. The auction started with the Brotherhood girl, and within three minutes she was sold for 5000 caps, 5 psychos, 2 boxes of Mentats and a Tesla Cannon.
Next was the Lone Wanderers turn, and the crowd’s excitement became deafening. Within seconds the bids were well over what the Brotherhood girl had been sold for, and there was no sign that any of the buyers were willing to be outbid for this redheaded young prize…