Part three of the new Fallout series! And again with the amazing story written by our friend J-cal. Enjoy.

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The New Owner Part three – Playtime!

The Lone Wanderer was dragged by the leash attached to her slave collar into an adjacent, similar room, where her new owner ordered her to kneel in a specific location. It seemed a plethora of bondage-equipment and various machinery was a recurring theme in the rooms of this revived Vault. Kneeling as ordered – having few other options at the moment – her captor quickly secured leather cuffs that were attached with steel hooks and short wires to the floor, effectively keeping her legs spread and in place, before undoing her bindings on her arms behind her back – and he made sure to whisper ominously in the Wanderer’s ear not to try anything – and promptly securing them to similar cuffs attached to the floor. Like this, the Lone Wanderer was firmly placed on her hands and knees.
“Just as I like it.” The captor snickered, fetching a red ball-gag from a nearby rack lined with assorted gear and swapped it with the one currently in his slave’s mouth. “Matches your hair.” He smiled, then detached the leash from her slave collar, and then stood behind his purchased property and began undressing.
“Speaking of your hair,” he said after tossing his shirt aside, baring his athletic upper body. He reached for the pin in the knot of hair on the back of the Wanderer’s head and yanked it out, letting the fiery tresses cascade down in their natural position. “I think that looks better.”
Casting off his last garbs and boots, standing naked behind the Lone Wanderer, cock already rock hard and straining, he grabbed a “magic wand”-vibrator from the nearby rack and switched it on. While he was quite eager to bury his manhood in the Lone Wanderer’s smooth, tight pussy – as promised him by the slavers – he enjoyed taking his time with things, and he wanted his slave to be as “ready” for him as he was for her.
With a wide grin he knelt down behind his slave’s firm, shapely ass, giving it a hard smack and being rewarded with a surprised yelp from the captive Wasteland-survivor. He pushed the vibrating head of the wand against the girl’s clit, immediately making her gasp as she was assailed with forced pleasure.
“I know what sort of training the slavers put you through, so a couple of forced orgasms should be no problem for an experienced girl like you, right?” he laughed, keeping the vibrator in place with one hand and fondling his slave’s ass and thigh with the other.               It was true that the Lone Wanderer was no stranger to excessive use of pleasurable force, and yet it was difficult to get used to it. A forced orgasm always felt far more powerful than a “normal” one, and after just a few her body would quickly grow spent and sweaty.               True to the stated intent, the captor used the wand, alternating between the “high” and “very high” settings to make the redhead climax twice in rapid succession, relishing in the gagged moans and the shivers of her sublime body. Unable to keep himself any longer, he put the vibrator away and moved closer between the Wanderer’s legs
“Now to really get my caps’ worth.” He said, sinking his throbbing manhood into his slave’s entrance, slick and wet after the two orgasms. He groaned with joy as his cock parted the tight walls of the soft pussy, discovering that he indeed hadn’t overpaid for his new toy.               “Oooh fuck me, girl, you feel awesome.” He moaned once he was all the way inside, his hips pressed against the Lone Wanderer’s soft thighs and his hands firmly gripping her hips. “Don’t pretend you don’t like this, either.” He added with a sly grin as he started fucking, starting out nice and slow and making his fuck-slave gasp and groan behind the fat gag in her mouth.
He fucked her for a good while, slowly increasing his tempo as he penetrated the Wanderer’s tight pussy with every inch of his stiff cock, even making her cum after a little while.
“Did you just cum, little slut?” he asked with a laugh. The Wanderer didn’t say anything apart from the groans, but the answer to that question was evident before it was asked.
“I feel a little behind now.” he said, and increased the pace of his fucking even more, slapping his thighs against the Lone Wanderer’s ass as he pummelled her. “Better catch up.”
He slammed into his captive with force and vigour, his hands moving from gripping the hips to grabbing his slave’s huge soft boobs, squeezing them and pressing them together, spurred on by the pleasure and the gagged gasps and moans emanating from his fuck-toy.
“Oh I’m gonna cum in you, slave!” he announced after a few more moments, and his body locked in the forward thrusting position, his hands grabbing her tits hard as his cock started jerking and spasming in the tight pussy, emptying his balls with extreme pleasure.
“Fuck me…” He groaned after the orgasm receded, his still-hard cock remaining buried inside his slave. “Let’s keep going…” he said with an ominous laugh, pinching the Wanderer’s nipples hard and making her yelp as he resumed fucking her.