And here’s another pic with Triss, this time I choose to go with the W3 version as the W2 have already been done for a SA pic.

And as an extra, this is the first x-ray panel I ever did! must admit I was a bit lost in the beginning but by the end it was actually really fun! x-ray shots aren’t really my thing but if you guys like it, I think I can add them more regularly in the future ^^

OH! please, no spoilers from Witcher 3, I didn’t finished the game yet!

hope you like it folks! ^^
Story By: Hdctbpal

Story: Triss Bad Ending

The King of Beggars thought of himself as an idealist. He despised ignorant prejudice in all its forms. He detested the thugs employed by the Cult – he refused to call it a church – of the Eternal Fire. He had nothing but contempt for their leader, Caleb Menge, who was nothing but a common murderer whom fate had rewarded far beyond his desserts. And he loathed the public spectacles in which witches – regardless of age or sex – were roasted alive by Menge’s executioners to amuse gaggles of cheering fools.

But the King also had to be a pragmatist. Idealism was worse than useless without strength, and in this gods-forsaken city, strength meant coin. Coin hired muscle and purchased weapons, with which the King would one day wrest control of this city from its theocrat tyrants. Until then, coin bought their indulgence. Not Menge’s – he was too fanatical, too paranoid, too stupid to be bribed – but that of his officers and men and spies. In Novigrad, rabid piety lived side by side with breathtaking corruption. Even the lowest preist-bureaucrat was on the take, often to more than one faction at once.

For the right price, Menge’s men would turn a blind eye to the King’s operations, tell him what he wanted to know about theirs, and tell their superiors whatever he wanted them to hear. These bribes were paid in coin, favors…and other desired commodities.