Hello my friends!
And here is the Lady Death pic! I tried going back to my usual painting format with this one, and I actually felt that these last pics using 3D improved a lot the painting process! the difference might not be very visible, but I feel like the process is much more fluid.
As for the pic itself it was a lot of fun! I really like to work on fantasy pics like this one, it gives me more freedom to vary the characters and play a bit with size-difference and other fun aspects ^^
Hope you like the pic my friends!


Story By: Hdctbpal

Lucifer’s hideous, needle-toothed grin glowed from within like that of a jack-o’-lantern. This, he thought, was why it was better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven.

Hope howled in rage and fear and despair as she was impaled yet again on her new master’s cock. The repulsive organ was the color of raw meat, yet covered with a scabby, bark-like crust of skin, and ringed with keratinous spikes that raked painfully at her tender vaginal walls. It glistened in the infernal light with a mixture of his pre-cum and her drool; as always, he had forced her to service him orally first. That was even worse than the fucking, for he tasted and reeked of fire and smoke and rotting flesh. The first time he had forced her mouth open and his cock inside, she had bitten him as hard as she could, and succeeded only in painfully loosening four teeth.

His huge clawed hands, their backs lined with matted and verminous fur, encircled her thighs as easily as those of two siblings gripping a wishbone, and indeed he could have ripped her in two with as little trouble. Instead, he jammed her down onto his enormous cock, making her feel as though she were being split open from the inside instead.

She opened her mouth to scream again. One of Lucifer’s lieutenants, Zixchorl the All-Sensing, took the opportunity to jam one of its slimy, scaly yellow tentacles down her throat. Hope’s scream was reduced to a panicked, watery gurgle, tears brimming in her wide eyes as her throat convulsed in a vain effort to reject the invader.

Hope let out a long, muffled, burbling wail as the tentacle forced itself deeper; already Zixchorl’s ejaculatory excretions had overflowed her alimentary canal, spurting in obscene white gouts from her sobbing mouth and dripping from her chin. Lucifer grunted in amusement. Still, it wouldn’t do to let his subjects get out of line. Another demon, emboldened by Zixchorl’s action, approached Hope from behind with its cock already at attention and dripping stinking fluids, its intent obvious.

Lucifer was sunk to his knees in the frozen acidic lake at the bottom of Hell, but he was far from helpless in a fight, as Hope had learned too late. With a lightning-fast flick of his huge spiked tail, the interloper was eviscerated. Its nightmare screams echoed from the stalactited ceiling of the vast cavern as it fell amidst the pale steaming coils of its spilled intestines.

Lucifer grunted again, this time with satisfaction, as he resumed the fucking, feeling his climax building but taking his time. When he became bored with her, he would hand his newest prize over to his more trusted – or at least less treacherous – subjects for their enjoyment. They had defended him against Hope’s foolish coup attempt and earned their reward, which should in turn secure their future loyalty. That was the lesson Hope had failed to learn.