Hello my friends!

And here’s the second pic of the month of March, the Belle bad-ending!
This pic was very fun to work on, there is a nice size difference between Belle and the Beast that creates a pretty cool dynamism for the scene, and all that fur was a nice change of pace regarding the textures I usually draw.

I decided to go with a bit of a different version for the beasts design, initially I though of going with the classic Disney look, but in the end it was not passing the “feral” vibe I wanted. Finally, I really like the contrast between Belle’s fair skin and light yellow dress with the beast’s dark fur.
Hope you like the pic my friends! ^^




Story By: Hdctbpal


As the Prince was turning an old beggar woman away from the door of his castle, another young man was being visited by another powerful and capricious spirit.

The elk lay on its side, bloody froth dripping from its muzzle, Gaston’s arrow quivering in its breast. Gaston knelt beside it and said the traditional huntsman’s prayer of apology and thanks to the animal whose meat was to grace his family’s table. He drew his knife to slit the elk’s throat and end its pain. Then he heard a branch snap behind him. He rose and spun around, crouched, knife ready.

It was not a wolf, as he had feared, but just a bent, white-bearded old man. “Good day, youngsire,” the man said. His voice was reedy, but he hobbled toward Gaston quickly enough. His clothes were of the best quality, and Gaston noted they were in muted greens and browns – well-suited to blending into the forest.

Gaston straightened and lowered the knife, but did not relax. “You are far from town, sir,” he said. In fact he had never seen this man in town or elsewhere.

“I am a stranger to this land,” the old man said. He had a faint and unplaceable accent. “You might know me as Armand of the Steppe.”

Gaston’s eyes widened. “I have heard of you, sir. Word of your exploits has reached us even here.” Armand was said to have brought down not only dangerous beasts such as bears and tigers but even enchanted ones such as griffons and wyverns. “Pardon my asking, but what brings you to our remote province?”

“I came to find you,” the old man said. “My hunting days are behind me – ” amusement lit his face – “though I did track you from the village.”

Gaston nodded slowly. He had, of course, made sure he was not followed – these woods were home to beasts who walked on two legs as well as four, after all – but it was no surprise Armand had evaded his detection. “And what brings you to seek me, sir?”

Armand said, “All over the province, you are spoken of as a promising huntsman.”

Gaston bowed. “You flatter me beyond my deserts.” He was scrawny and pale, but an excellent shot with either bow or crossbow, and he had a talent for anticipating his quarry.