Subject: Shepard
Occupation: Spectre
Hourly Charge: $ 500,00
Acquisition Date: 29/11/2014
Acquisition Level: Extreme

Booth Manager Comment:

This might well be their most dangerous assignment yet. Just determining what point in time to snag the target had been a contested debate for weeks. It was a constant issue that they only had four LDE operatives to call upon, as assaulting three highly trained special soldiers without numerical superiority was bordering on suicidal. Nothing about this assignment was standard protocol. This was a high-risk, extremely difficult task that had countless ways of ending in disaster with all four LDE operators dead, and only one way of succeeding.
The decision had, finally, been made to extract the target prior to her “engineered rebirth” at the hands of the shadow corporation known as Cerberus. The final reasons for this were; the state of the target’s galaxy would not be in as much turmoil yet and therefore easier to infiltrate, she had become a Spectre (which was important to the Arcade’s clients), and she would be spending a lot of time exploring uncharted planets with minimal support.
The next phase was determining at which planet the ambush should be set. After much debate, the decision had fallen on the planet Kledagon’s moon, Presrop, in the Hawking Eta cluster, where the target was slated to land on orders to deal with a Major Kyle. The LDE squad would arrive two days in advance to prepare an ambush where they knew the target would make landfall in her M35 Mako IFV. The risks of the mission were lost on nobody, but only through wise investment of time, utilizing the terrain and the element of surprise to the fullest could they have any chance of success. They needed to neutralize the Mako vehicle without killing the crew, but they had to hope the crew inside would be knocked out by the ambush so they could apprehend the target and extract safely, rather than get into what was sure to be a nasty fight.
However, as the old saying went, there existed no plan circumstance would not change for you.

The moon Presop was a lifeless, rocky expanse. There was nothing apart from the rising stones to give the landscape any definition, any shape. The canopy of stars, however, was breathtaking to behold in this area naturally devoid of light-pollution, and the image of the moon’s planet, Kledagon, hung invitingly in the horizon, looking far more hospitable and kind.
Pre-mission planning dictated the target’s Mako would make planetfall here, in a flat region enveloped by tall, jagged peaks. The LDE squad had a grand task ahead of them, setting up the shaped charges that they had only the vaguest hopes would disable the Mako without killing the crew. So, going against every military doctrine, it had been decided to use a little less explosives than what had been calculated was necessary, rather than taking what you need and doubling it for good measure.
The target’s Mako had itself been thoroughly researched. As a sci-fi military vehicle, it was not as spectacular as it could have been, yet it definitely offered up problems for the Arcade’s operatives to contend with. The first issue was its shield that had to be contended with before the armour could be breached. For this the Sex-Arcade’s researches and engineers had constructed an EMP-bomb, that in truth was little more than a working prototype, for the LDE squad to deploy as the first phase of the ambush. The second issue was the slanted armour of the vehicle itself, constructed to take quite a beating before it could be breached. Instead of breaching the vehicle, however, the LDE squad would be placing six charges around the Mako’s landing-site to go off the second the Mako’s shield was down. The six simultaneous blasts would, in theory, concuss the vehicle enough to disable the vehicle and, they prayed, knock the crew out cold. If the first and second issues were dealt with satisfactory, the LDE squad hoped they would not have to face the third issue, namely the Mako’s 155mm mass accelerator cannon and coaxial-mounted machine gun.
But to the members of the LDE squad, the primary issue they had to overcome before they could start setting up the ambush, became all too apparent once they stepped out of the Mass Quantic Gate and onto the cold, rocky ground of the moon; dealing with zero gravity and handling their custom-tailored space-suits.
They had exercised with the suits in a simulated zero-g environment in the Sex-Arcade for weeks prior to the mission, and while they could move and fight in their suits in a satisfactory manner, the mental knowledge of being on a lifeless, foreign world with outer space seeming to press down on them made the going sluggish at first, until the operators had time to grow accustomed to the environment and the suits’ handling outside of a lab.  With that resolved, they immediately set to work constructing their ambush-site.
Having been delayed due to a temporary malfunction of the MQG – that would have deposited the LDE squad within range of the Reaper named Sovereign – the squad had arrived well behind schedule, for the target would arrive in less than thirty hours. There was much to get done.

At the expected minute, the unmistakable silhouette of the SSV Normandy – the original SR-1 model – appeared in the starry distance. Closing fast, it scythed close to the ground, for a spaceship, ejecting something from its hold as it sped away, disappearing in the blackness above. The dark shape expelled from the ship came streaking towards the ground, retro rockets firing to slow its descent before it smashed on the rocks below. With a hiss of energy, filling the immediate surroundings with the hum of the engine and the shield generator, the Mako stood ready to begin its mission.
The EMP went off as soon as the Mako had settled on the ground. It was buried in the nearby cliffside, aimed at the vehicle, bathing it in a crackling blue glow that lit up the area. The powerful blast of energy burned at the Mako’s shield, and after several tense seconds, the shield failed. Flickering, it died, leaving the vehicle vulnerable and open for the next unpleasant surprise.
Six deafening detonations, synchronized to perfection, ripped apart the ground around the Mako, showering the vehicle in fragments of rock and covering the immediate area in dust. Conflicting shockwaves in competition with each other cascaded over and through the shieldless vehicle, denting the armour plating and bursting its lights.
Even the dreaded canon on its top bent, only by a few degrees, but rendering it useless nonetheless.
Leaping out of the ground on the opposite side of the vehicle at the base of another steep hill, hidden from sensors and the lethal explosions, the LDE squad sprang into action, bounding across the rocky surface in a wide line. They had no time to waste, and nerves were on high alert as they still had no way of knowing if the target was incapacitated, dead, or worse, operational.
Going the way Murphy’s Law said it would, it was of course the latter option that was the reality.
The damaged door of the Mako blew open, falling to the ground and scraping along the rock. The target, though dazed and confused, was standing and moving, far from unconscious or dead. Behind her two other, equally armoured shapes appeared, revealing themselves to be Kaidan and Garrus the Turian.
The LDE squad had no choice but to fight to subdue the target.
The target and her entourage were, as the LDE operators already knew, clad in thick protective power armoured suits. Not only that, but like their stricken Mako, they also had personal shields capable of soaking up significant amounts of punishment before they would dissipate.
As with everything about this particularly fubar mission, in the event of a fight, the LDE squad had been issued new, highly experimental weapons, as their standard-issue dart rifles would have less than no effect on futuristic power armour. Operatives Alpha and Bravo carried heavy, bulky weapons loaded with slow-firing concussion shells designed to knock an armoured person out through sheer kinetic impact. Operatives Charlie and Delta carried smaller yet equally unwieldy “overcharge”-guns attached to huge battery-packs carried on the operatives’ backs. They were miniature EMP-devices, meant to overload smaller shields to the point of breaking and leaving the targets open for a follow-up fusillade from the concussion guns.
But the LDE squad were not up against mere rank-and-file here. Having shaken off the initial trauma from the unexpected ambush that destroyed their vehicle, the subject and her two soldiers immediately identified the four approaching forms as enemies and reached for their weapons, using the smoking Mako for cover and let rip.
The initial volley caught Bravo in her shoulder, making her stagger and nearly lose hold of her heavy weapon. The impact was superficial, but had nearly punched clean through her armour. Charlie was hit as well, the impact ripping through her thigh and sending her sprawling on the rocky ground. She was up quickly, but she hurt as hell, forced to rely on her suit’s systems to keep her alive despite the breach.
Unhindered by the opening salvo from the targets, Delta lined up the sights of her EMP-gun and depressed the trigger. An orb of crackling energy soared forth with impossible speed, splashing against Kaidan Alenko’s shield.  The orb welled over the shield like a liquid, enveloping the soldier and overloading his generator. The shield came down, and the soldier was immediately hit square in the chest by three rounds from Alpha’s weapon. Kaidan was thrown back against the flank of the smoking Mako, dropping in a heap next to one of the torn wheels and remained still.
Garrus Vakarian snapped off well-timed, well-aimed single shots from his assault rifle, bathing Alpha in a flurry of perfectly executed blasts. He succeeded in breaking apart one of Alpha’s pauldrons and shattering it, exploding splintered pieces of armour around her. Another shot at the exact same place pierced the shoulder, sending pieces of bone and a stream of blood jetting, and yet another fine shot punched through her abdomen.
Vakarian was then struck by Charlie, who had recovered from the wound to her thigh. His armour sizzled away as though his generator had taken a direct hit, leaving him exposed for what he knew would come next i.
Kaidan’s fate was any indication. He did not have time to dive back into cover when both Bravo and Alpha – the latter barely able to level her weapon from the pains of her wounds – hit him a total of five times, smashing him into the Mako. He fell face forward on the ground and lay there.
The target, having laid down an unending stream of covering fire, found herself alone on the field of battle. Her comrades were down, but alive. She cursed herself for not taking the medi-gel with her when she stumbled half-unconscious from the Mako when it had been caught in the trap, for with it she could revive the members of her crew and really make her ambushers regret their decision. As it stood, she had only herself to rely on, and it did not look good.
All but one of the enemy quad had sustained some measure of wounds in the fight, but they pressed on like soldiers possessed, unheeding of their own injuries to complete their goal. Just like she would have, the target mused.
But she had no plans on going down without a fight, or indeed going down at all. She had far too many things to do, such as discovering what “the conduit” was, and it would do her no good as a fresh Spectre to be done in by some bunch of strangers on a derelict moon. She snapped off a shot at each of the enemy soldiers, each bullet hitting them in the head. But apparently, she scoffed, their helmets were the stronger part of their armour design.
The impacts to their foreheads merely staggered them, failing to penetrate, so they soon recovered and continued their advance.
Sizzling orbs of energy shot past her, forcing her to hide behind the Mako to formulate a viable strategy. She had no time for this, however, for the enemy was upon her sooner than she would have liked.
Her shield burning away heralded a painful plunge into darkness.

“I wonder how they even managed to capture her!” said the youngest of the clients.
This was his first visit to the Sex-Arcade with a few friends who had recommended his membership, and being a big Mass Effect fan, getting into “FemShep’s” booth had been his first priority.
Right now, he was watching one of his buddies fuck the commander’s mouth, but still the prevalent question on his mind was how the Arcade had gone about capturing one of the finest warriors the galaxy had ever seen.
“Who cares!” said the one with his dick deep into the commander’s throat. “Important part is that she’s here for our every need!” He bucked his hips, slapping his thighs against the redhead’s cheeks every time he forced his cock as far down as it would go.
“I love that angry scowl on her face, makes me wanna throat-fuck her harder,” he added with an evil grin, increasing his pacing, making the commander gag, cough and well up from the brutal fucking.
The younger guy, filming the spectacle on his phone, shook his head anew with joyous disbelief. “This is too good to be true,” he muttered with a smile.
“Oh yeah? Just wait ‘till your cock’s down her throat. THAT, my friend, is even better!”

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Story by my big friend​ J-Cal!
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