Hello guys and gals, the following story was written by my good friend Syrrea! She is a awesome writer and we will be working together to bring more frequent stories set in the arcade”s canon universe. This is just the beginning! Stay tuned for more great things to come ;D Oh! and don’t forget to check out the links for the Sex-Arcade Fanfics bellow! You can’t imagine the awesome twists our fellow writers come up with for the arcade! enjoy ^^

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STORY:  Emma Frost Part 1

001: Subject Data

Booth Number: 279
Subject: Emma Frost
Occupation: Teacher
Charge Per Hour: $350.00
Acquisition date: 26/4/15
Acquisition level: Hard

Physical Characteristics:
Sex: Female
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 145 pounds
Bodytype: Muscular
Hair: Blonde, wavy
Eyes: Blue
Age: >400
Blood Type: N/A

Male: 93%
Female: 7%

002: Crew Quarters, Level Four, 27/4/15

Tick. Tick. Soft ticking in their cabins heralded the coming change of the hour. With a click, the internal clock of the structure flipped from 6:59 to 7:00. The breezy morning jingle played elevator jazz from concealed speakers throughout the crew sector of Level Four, stirring the off-duty occupants from their slumber. Those who turned in late the previous night grumbled to themselves over the prospect of having to wake up and go to work. The better rested sighed and steeled themselves for another busy day.

The third shifters working in the kitchens yawned off their exhaustion and donned their aprons after a couple hours of poker. The overhead lights and vats snapped on as they begun preparing the food for their waking co-workers. Several cleaners did a final wipe down of the tables, benches and floors. The liveliest section was the workshops. Those weary workers loudly rejoiced that in an hour their painstaking replication of the Subjects’ garments – which would quickly be ruined by enthusiastic clients – would be done for the day. Their revelry roared on even as the short jingle came to a close.

A pleasant electronic tone filled the gap between the wake up call and the announcements.

“Good morning, first shifters.” The sultry voice of the Matron Hostess came in over the intercom. “It is the start of a gorgeous Monday. If you switch to channel 3 on your cabin portal now, you will be able to catch the last mauve rays of early sunrise on the horizon. This is not an opportunity you may have very often so I urge you to seize it.

“Today’s announcements will be brief. Due to the diligence of our maintenance staff, the Sector 2 gym is no longer quarantined and is fully open to all SA crew members again. We all should have ample opportunity to maintain our exercise regimen. On today’s menu is the tempura shrimp special. View it on your portal for details, vegan, and gluten free alternatives. Hostesses, we have three new Subjects who arrived over the weekend. Our LDE crew members have described them as dangerous and skittish so please be careful and make their transition into their new lives smooth. I trust you will be diligent in watching over them and keeping them safe.

“Please see me if you have outstanding concerns. Have a fun day out there, everyone.”
The chocolate-skinned woman four cabins down from the Sector 1 showers groaned into her pillow. Her month in Harley Quinn’s booth was up. It was time to be transferred back to Bayonetta’s booth with… Sweety. She kicked her feet into her mattress. Even the reward of eyefucking that witch’s succulent ass for eight hours wasn’t worth that cost.

Behind her, the blinds at her cabin’s entrance were flung open. Her naked body shivered despite herself as she realized she had slept on her bed sheet again.

“Morning, Peachy.”

The visitor was on her bed the moment that final syllable fell off, climbing onto her body. Charlotte threw her hands up to protect her hair.

Her attacker thrust her hips against Charlotte’s round ass. Had those hips belonged to any other than the woman they undoubtedly belonged to, Charlotte may have had a more aggressive reaction than bucking her hips back. The slaps the collision of their bodies produced became sticky as the woman’s wetness spread over Charlotte’s rear. Charlotte shivered again as the woman pressed her ample bosom into her back, nuzzling her neck. She ground her hips against Charlotte’s crack while her hands explored her body. Her prey moaned under her affections.

“So, uh, we do have some free time,” she said as her fingers massaged Charlotte’s puffy lips. “If you wanna.” Her nostrils flared into Charlotte’s ear.

Another moan escaped Charlotte’s lips before she slapped her hand away. “Quit playin’, Robbie.”

Her pale friend frowned with the mischievous accent of faded purple lipstick – lipstick she smeared on Charlotte’s cheek. “Peachy.”

“Ugh.” She glared at the smoothly hairless side of Robbie’s head. “Not everyone has hair that naturally does what they want.

“D’aww,” she ruffled Charlotte’s carefully stylized hair, “it is a beautiful morning, or it will be.”
Charlotte pushed her off so she could sit up. “And why is that?”

Her co-worker stood up and walked over to the portal, setting it to the sunrise. “You already forgot? Sweety must really wear your ass out.” She turned and crossed her arms under bust, sticking her tongue out.

Charlotte flipped her the bird. “Eat it, slut.”

“Mmm, maybe.” She bit her lip and looked at Charlotte expectantly. The woman only rubbed her eyes. “So you can’t guess? Emma debuts today.”

“Uh, that’s today?!” Recognition flashed deep in Charlotte’s eyes. She hopped in place. “It’s today!”

“It sure is, babygirl.” A cocky smile spread across Robbie’s lips. “I may have… convinced boss lady to assign you to her booth today.”

Charlotte’s eyes went wide and she leapt at Robbie, showering her with kisses.

Robbie laughed, wrapping her arms around Charlotte. “Don’t say I never do anything for you.”

Charlotte locked eyes with her and took her face into her hands. She pressed her lips to her friend’s creamy lips and pinned her against the wall. A deep blush settled on Robbie’s cheeks as her tongue pried its way into her mouth. She stroked Robbie’s back as their tongues danced along one another. Their lips smacked together and they filled each other’s mouths with their heat. They panted together and caressed each other’s bodies. Charlotte squeezed Robbie’s ass as she broke away.

“Mmmm, I should do you favors more often.”

Charlotte’s dimples showed as she smiled. “Yes, you should.” She grabbed Robbie’s hand. “But we should get ready before we start looking like slackers.”

Robbie tutted, shrugging her shoulders. “Fine, you clit-tease.”

Charlotte clapped her cunt, ignoring her yelp as she lead the way to the showers. They passed by freshly groomed and dressed crew members walking to the mess hall. Sandra blew them kiss, eliciting a coy blush from Robbie.

Charlotte laughed. “Maybe if we were faster, you could join her for her shower.” Robbie blushed deeper.