– Sex-Arcade: The V.I.P – Part 02
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Sex-Arcade: The V.I.P – Part 01

I had to admit I was a tad nervous. Exuberant with anticipation, naturally, but still a bit nervous. Having been approached and screened by mysterious women of the “Sex-Arcade” a few months back at the request of another member who apparently knew me – I had yet to deduce who this friend was – had inevitably led to this moment.

After approving me, I had been given official clearance as a client of the Sex-Arcade, and after having spent a month looking through the brochures and promotional videos and photos they had provided for me on a secure server, I had scraped together enough cash to earn me the trip to the faraway nation. For five hours of “Exclusive VIP Treatment”. Had I been a millionaire I would have been tempted to buy out one of the VIP lounges permanently, but for now, these five hours would have to do. They were certainly expensive enough, but also sure to be the most spectacular five hours ever.
I had taken a taxi from the airport to the hotel I was to stay at before my return flight in the morning, having a bite to eat and a shower, before I jumped into another taxi and had it deliver me to an inconspicuous public address. From there I had walked two blocks, now standing outside a very common looking thrift shop; an ironic front for a secret, sex organization.

Holding the card I had been issued in my sweaty palm, I fingered it nervously as I wondered if I truly had the correct location. Stepping inside the store, my eyes taking in the dozens of different kinds of items for sale, I found there were nobody inside apart from a smiling girl behind the counter.
“May I help you?” she beamed, her golden ponytail catching the light of the ceiling-mounted lights as she folded a handful of recently arrived blouses in a neat stack.

Clearing my throat, knowing very well I was about to cross the point of no return, I wordlessly handed her the card.
The girl took it, holding my gaze, arching an eyebrow when she looked at it. “My my, another lucky boy.” She reached under the counter and depressed a button. A section of the wall behind her dunked once, then slid away to reveal a dimly lit hallway. “Have fun, cutie.” She winked, gesturing me to be on my way.

“Thanks,” I said, my throat dry, and stepped into the hallway, heart pounding.
The corridor led me a ways in a straight line, before breaking off left and down a staircase, decending maybe around three floors before it ended at what looked like a very small train platform. Six white, pod-looking capsules stood at the edge of the platform, sitting so close to each other, filling the space between two tunnels that you could not see past them in either direction, so it was impossible to discern what they were attached to. Only the pod to the far left was open, so that was the one I stepped into.

The capsule was spacious, with four comfortable red leather seats, a monitor on the wall opposite the door, and a mini-bar beneath the scree with a sign that read “For the wait!” with a set of lip-imprints under the text.

I sat down in one of the chairs and produced the other card I had been issued, the red one with the “VIP” stamp on it. I knew once activated it would alert the proper personnel of my impending arrival. Looking around, I found a slit in the armrest of my chair, not unlike the sort used for any kind of credit card. I stuck my card into it, and the armrest swallowed it with a buzzing sound. A green light lit up next to the slit, and the pod’s door started closing with a comfortable, pneumatic sound. The monitor on the wall switched on.

With a little jerk, the pod began moving, and an attractive girl – a hostess, I knew from the look of her scant uniform – on a pre-recorded message welcomed me and explained I would be arriving at the Sex-Arcade in ten minutes. Helping myself to an ice cold soft drink from the minibar, I watched the monitor changing from the happy hostess to advertisements, listing what booths currently had specials, which booths currently had long queues, and informing about the perks of spending a little extra on VIP treatment. The latter part made me smile, knowing I would definitely be getting the perks.​



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Story by J-Cal!
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